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Courses in Linguistics (LING)

Linguistics 2340 – Introduction to the Study of Language

An introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of language:  the nature of human language; language and the brain; language and society; formal linguistics includes phonetics (the properties of speech sounds), phonology (the systematic sound patterns of language), morphology (the grammatical structure of words), syntax (the structure of sentences), and semantics/pragmatics (the meaning and use of words and sentences).  Prerequisite:  English 1302.

Linguistics 3320 – Descriptive Linguistics 

An examination of the science of human language:  concentration on formal linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics/pragmatics) and survey of psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, applied linguistics.  Prerequisite:  English 1302.

Linguistics 3323 – English Phonology and Morphology 

Study of the speech sound system and the study of the structure of words.  Prerequisite:  English/Linguistics 2340 or English/Linguistics 3320.

Linguistics 3326 – English Syntax and Semantics

Study of the rules of phrase and sentence formation and the study of linguistic meaning of morphemes, words, phrases, and sentences.  Prerequisite:  English/Linguistics 2340 or English/Linguistics 3320.

Linguistics 3328 – Psycholinguistics 

Study of language and the brain, particularly child language acquisition and adult language learning, but also linguistic performance, and speech comprehension and production. Prerequisite:  English/Linguistics 2340 or English/Linguistics 3320.

Linguistics 4323 – Methods of Teaching Foreign/Second Language

Study and application of perspectives, theories, pedagogies, and methods of language teaching and learning.   Prerequisites:  English/Linguistics 2340 or English/Linguistics 3320 and English/Linguistics 3328 (Psycholinguistics).

Linguistics 4391 - Research.

A specialized course which may be directed reading or research for advanced students or those seeking professional certification.