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Courses in Russian (RUSS)

1301 Russian I (3-0). Introduction to basic structures and usage of modern Russian. The emphasis is on development of basic Russian vocabulary and grammar, accuracy of pronunciation, the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and the introduction of cultural elements.

1302 Russian II (3-0). A sequel to Russian 1301. Prerequisite: Russian 1301 or equivalent.

2311 Russian III (3-0). An expansion of the language skills acquired in Russian 1301 and 1302. StrengthĀ­ening of basic structures and introduction of more complex structures. The course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing Russian, and promote knowledge of cultural background. Prerequisite: Russian 1302 or equivalent.

2312 Russian IV (3-0). Fourth-semester capstone course organized around grammatical topics and culĀ­tural issues. Review and expansion of structural aspects, reading and discussion of selected Russian texts, and continued practice in composition and conversation. Prerequisite: Russian 2311 or equivalent.