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Academic Support Services

ASU Tutor Center

The ASU Tutor Center offers broad-based study skill strategies and techniques to promote critical thinking and time management. Our tutors are multi-disciplined, multi-talented undergraduates who see students on a walk-in basis – no appointments are necessary. Group and individual tutoring sessions last about an hour.

Early Alert Program

Early Alert provides structure and assistance to students exhibiting at-risk academic performance or behavior in the classroom.

Pre-declared Advising

Professional advisors act as guides and resources for pre-declared students who need help identifying a course of study and selecting a major. Through pre-declared advising, students explore degree and course offerings while developing academic goals. Our pre-declared advisors acknowledge that through caring and competent advising, our students are better equipped to reach their full academic potential.

SMART Workshops

SMART is ASU’s umbrella of academic support, and it includes a series of workshops providing a concentrated emphasis on the study strategies necessary for academic success. Hour-long SMART workshops are offered in the evenings throughout each semester.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that uses student-led group study sessions to assist students in traditionally difficult courses. The typical SI session, an hour-long meeting held in a classroom, offers ASU students an opportunity to actively involve themselves with the course by participating in lecture discussions, clarifying notes and developing effective study skills strategies.

Career Help

ASU’s Career Development Office has experts and resources to help you find a major that fits your interests.