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Congratulations, ASU Employees!

ASU faculty and staff who reached employment anniversary milestones as of Dec. 31, 2015, were honored at the annual Faculty and Staff Service Awards Banquet on Thursday, March 10, 2016, in the Houston Harte University Center. ASU President Brian J. May and Kurtis Neal, director of the Office of Human Resources, will present each of the honorees with an award and certificate. Please take a moment to congratulate your colleagues on their achievements.

Forty Year Service Award

Kenneth L. Stewart, Psychology, Sociology & Social Work

Thirty-Five Year Service Awards 

John J. Miazga, College of Education

Dennis E. Pate, History

Thirty Year Service Awards 

Dennis W. Block, Agriculture

Janet E. Coleman, Controller’s Office

Judith A. Hakes, Teacher Education

Juan C. Montemayor, Mathematics

Mark S. Sonntag, Physics and Geosciences

Twenty-Five Year Service Awards

John N. Barbour, Political Science and Philosophy

J. Christopher Ellery, English and Modern Languages

Michael T. Griffin, Biology

David G. Hegwood, Facilities Management

Laurence F. Jones, Security Studies & Criminal Justice

Lorri E. Morris, Testing Center

Mark B. Motl, Computer Science

Angela L. Skaggs, Library

June H. Smith, Communication and Mass Media

Twenty Year Service Awards

Kevin A. Boudreaux, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tina C. Doyle, Communication and Mass Media, Communications and Marketing

Jay S. Halbert, Facilities Management

Jo Nell Harlow, College of Arts and Sciences

Jose A. Pena, Facilities Management

Hal E. Peter, Facilities Management

Paul D. Pillsbury, Facilities Management

Cody B. Scott, Agriculture

Martha A. Tafoya, Nursing

Betty A. Thorpe, Aerospace Studies

Fifteen Year Service Awards

Brian M. Braden, Information Technology

Aaron A. Carrillo, Print Shop

David A. Carter, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jackie M. Droll, Information Technology

Mary M. Eades, Accounting, Economics, & Finance

Adra L. Enos, Career Development

Mark L. Hama, English and Modern Languages

Karl J. Havlak, Mathematics

Joe C. Hereford, Information Technology

Keith L. Hoelscher, Financial Aid 

Sahit M. Kara, Accounting, Economics, & Finance

Nancy S. Kloboucnik, Mathematics

John C. Mathews, Information Technology

Janet L. Meyer, Information Technology

Jan C. Nichols, Nursing

Meghan J. Pace, Center for International Studies

Bradley C. Petty, Student Affairs

Billy C. Pool, Counseling

Elicia K. Rankin, Purchasing 

Hector G. Rios, Materials Management

Julie J. Ruthenbeck, Career Development

Eldra R. Sanford, Visual and Performing Arts

Kraig L. Schell, Psychology, Sociology & Social Work

Richard O. Stinnett, Facilities Planning & Construction

Betty L. Taylor, Nursing

Shelly D. Weise, Physical Therapy

Melissa E. Wisener-Farr, Small Business Development Center

Ten Year Service Award

Linda S. Boatright, Student Life

Timothy Bonenfant, Visual and Performing Arts

Christine M. Burrell, Information Technology

Allyn Byars, Kinesiology

Mary M. Charles, Parking Services

Kevin M. Conner, Information Technology

Jessica M. Harlin, Human Resources

Paul D. Howard, Small Business Development Center

Melody D. Kelley, Mathematics

Craig E. Koehler, Materials Management 

Kevin J. Lambert, Visual and Performing Arts

Patricia A. Payne, Facilities Planning & Construction

Robert Ramos, University Police

Linda C. Ross, WED Center

Steven R. Snowden, Kinesiology

Benedict C. Sum, Visual and Performing Arts

Lynette S. Wheeler, Student Accounts

Five Year Service Award

Jamie D. Akin, Development and Alumni Relations

Dara A. Anderson, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Casey D. Baccus, Archer College of Health and Human Services

Anthony D. Bartl, Political Science and Philosophy

Bruce E. Bechtol, Security Studies & Criminal Justice

Cynthia D. Belden, Library 

Tyler L. Blount, Financial Aid 

Heather J. Braden, Physical Therapy

Ian R. Brown, University Recreation

Lesley L. Casarez, Curriculum and Instruction

Janet M. Duggan, Accounts Payable

Suzanne M. Dusek, Enrollment Management Operations and Communication

Robert S. Ehlers, Security Studies & Criminal Justice

Detelin S. Elenkov, Management and Marketing

Susan G. Elkins, Library 

Jessica R. Kramer, President’s Office

Judith A. McAnanama, Facilities Management

Alan J. Meeks, Information Technology

Kerri D. Mikulik, Admissions

Crystal M. Nelms, Archer College of Health and Human Services

Adam G. Parker, Kinesiology

Christena L. Parks, Academic Affairs

Joe’L B. Sefcik, Athletics

Marva J. Solomon, Teacher Education

Cheryl K. Stenmark, Psychology, Sociology & Social Work

Michelle W. Vanderzant, College of Arts and Sciences

Matthew T. Walden, Information Technology

James W. Ward, Physics and Geosciences

Thomas W. Watson, Payroll Services

Susan J. Williams, Affiliated Military and Veterans Services

Haley D. Zapata, Freshman College

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