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International Students Association Constitution

Article One: Name

The name of this organization shall be the International Students Association.

Article Two: Purpose

The purpose of the this organization shall be:

  • To assist incoming international students in adapting to college life in the United States.
  • To provide opportunities for social and cultural exchange among foreign students and with others at Angelo State University, as well as the surrounding community.
  • To provide a support base and lobbying group for the concerns of international students.

Article Three: Membership

Section One: Membership shall be open to all students and faculty members of Angelo State University.

Section Two: A member will be any person who has paid his/her dues for the given duration.

Section Three: The executive officers will determine the membership fees prior to the first meeting of the fall semester.

Article Four: Officers

Section One: There will be four executive officers to be elected every year from the members of the organization. The organization will have a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. The Graduate Assistant (G.A.) for the Center for International Studies will serve as an ex-officio member of the executive committee.

Section Two: Further official positions will be temporary, with terms to last no longer than one academic year, and may be created by the president upon approval by a majority vote of the members. The filling of these positions will be done in accordance with normal election procedures.

Section Three: The executive officers will be elected annually by a majority vote and shall serve a term of one full year, to begin on the day following the election.

Section Four: Replacement officers will be elected by a majority vote of the members in a by-election and will serve in that position until the next full election.

Section Five: The election of officers will take place no later than three weeks before the last day of studies in the fall semester. By-elections to fill vacant positions will take place no later than one month after the vacancy of the post. The date, time and site of all elections must be announced no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the election.

Section Six: Candidacy for these positions will be open to all members of the organization.

Section Seven: An elected officer may be removed from his or her position by a two-thirds majority vote of all members. This officer must be informed of his/her impeachment in writing at least one week before such a vote may be cast.

Article Five: Duties

Section One: The president’s and vice president’s duties include presiding over all meetings, making decisions concerning the organization, being the official representatives of the organization in all capacities and making decisions about matters not outlined in this constitution.

In all these cases, the decisions of the president will prevail over those of the vice president. The duties of the G.A. will be to oversee all activities of the organization and to serve as the president of the organization in the absence of elected officials. In all cases, the decisions of the G.A. shall prevail over the president. 

Section Two: The secretary’s duties include maintaining the official records of the organization, preparing an agenda for each meeting and keeping members informed of all activities of the organization. 

Section Three: The treasurer’s duties include maintaining the financial records of the organization, managing the treasury of the organization and collecting membership fees.

Section Four: A decision made by the president or vice president may be overturned by a majority vote of the members. All members shall have equal power in calling for such a vote.

Article Six: The Treasury

Section One: The treasury of the organization will be managed by the president and the treasurer. The authorization of checks approved by the organization will be rendered by the president and the treasurer.

Section Two: Official financial records of the organization will be made available to all members upon request.

Article Seven: Meetings

Section One: Meetings will be conducted on a regular basis. Special meetings may be called when necessary.

Section Two: One-half of the total number of members shall constitute a quorum.

Article Eight: Amendments

This constitution can be amended at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum.


Amendment One: Executive committee elections will take place two weeks prior to the end of the spring semester, and each officer shall serve one full term of one full year, to begin the day following the elections.

Amendment Two: Special committees may be formed through the election of committee leaders by at least a two-thirds majority vote by members of the organization. These special committees will have the responsibilities designated to them by the president of the association. Any decisions involved in these committees not mentioned in this amendment may be passed by the president with the consent of the other members of the executive committee.

International Students Association

The International Students Association (ISA) of Angelo State University is a special interest organization that helps incoming international students adapt to college life in the United States.

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