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Physical Activity Courses (PA)

All ASU students are required to complete a one-semester-hour Physical Activity (PA) course for graduation. PA courses meet twice a week for one hour. You can take up to seven additional semester credit hours of different PA courses as electives to meet degree requirements.

1111    Adaptive Activities. A program of activities modified to meet the needs of students who are not qualified for full participation in the physical activity program. The activities offered will be those recommended by the examining physician for each individual student. This course may be repeated for a maximum of four semester hours of credit or until such time as the physician recommends entry into the unrestricted program. Prerequisite: A written statement by a physician in which a specific modified program of activities is recommended for the student.

The following physical activity courses are designed to give you the knowledge and technical skills to participate at the recreational level. These courses may not be repeated for credit.

1112    Swimming

1113    Racquetball

1114    Tennis

1115    Bowling

1117    Team Sports

1118    Golf

1119    Jogging

1120    Weight Training

1125    Special Activities.  Includes a variety of non-traditional activities and sports (May be repeated once for credit when activities differ.).  Activities may include but are not limited to: handball, badminton, strength and conditioning, and yoga.

2101    Intercollegiate Activities.  Participation as a member of an intercollegiate athletic squad. Upon dismissal or voluntary withdrawal from the intercollegiate program, the student must report to the head of the Kinesiology Department for assignment to the regular physical activity program or to the adaptive program (May be repeated for credit.).  Prerequisite: Membership on an intercollegiate athletic team.