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Graduate Degree Program

Master of Education in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration, 36 semester credit hours

  • All graduate students take 9 hours of core program classes. These three classes (6310, 6351, 6392) should be completed within the first 18 hours of the degree plan.

    Required Core Courses
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6310 Sociology for Sport, Fitness and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6351 Statistics and Survey Research 3
    CSRF 6392 Professional Communications 3

    Graduate students take 12 hours of courses related to their chosen program concentration. The two options are: 1) Coaching/Sport Administration, or (2) Recreation/Fitness Administration.

    Coaching/Sport Block Classes (Minimum of 12 Hours)
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6304 Coaching Psychology  3
    CSRF 6307 Athletic Administration    3
    CSRF 6325 Philosophy & Ethics in Sport, Fitness, and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6326 Coaching Administration 3
    CSRF 6329 Athletic Academic Advising and Counseling 3
    CSRF 6346 Human Kinetics 3
    CSRF 6365 Coaching Science in Strength and Conditioning 3
    CSRF 6377 Sport Publications & Graphic Design 3


    Recreation & Fitness Block Classes (Minimum of 12 Hours)
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6316 Recreation Program Administration 3
    CSRF 6319 Outdoor Education and Summer Camp Administration         3
    CSRF 6324 Sport, Fitness, and Recreation for Special Populations 3

    CSRF 6333 Disabled Sport and Recreation

    CSRF 6349 Behavioral Strategies for Health and Fitness 3
    CSRF 6357 Health and Wellness Promotion 3
    CSRF 6366 Exercise Assessment & Program Design 3
    CSRF 6377 Sport Publications & Graphic Design 3


    Open Elective for All Concentrations
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6301 Instructional Strategies and Techniques 3
    CSRF 6322 Administration of Special Events 3
    CSRF 6331 Risk Management in Sport, Fitness, and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6335 Leadership Applications 3
    CSRF 6343 Sport, Health, and Fitness Facility Administration 3

    CSRF 6344 Facility Design and Operations

    CSRF 6356 Nutrition for Sport and Fitness 3
    CSRF 6371 Turf & Outdoor Resource Management 3
    CSRF 6381 Special Topics 3
    CSRF 6393 Independent Research and Readings 3
    CSRF 6394 Applied Research/Professional Project 3
    CSRF 6395 Applied Research/Professional Project Renewal 3
    • Required classes in each block may be taken as open electives by students in the opposite block with permission of the program coordinator
    • Substitutions for any course are handled on a one-on-one basis between the student and the program director/advisor only  

Graduate Program

Graduate Advisor

For more information about the M.Ed. degree in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration, contact:

Dr. Warren Simpson
Professor of Kinesiology and CSRF Graduate Advisor

Office: CHP 103
Phone: 325-942-2173

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