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Master of Business Administration Courses

  • Courses In Management (MGMT)

    6301 Management of Information Systems (3-0). Addresses the management of the information resources from a senior management viewpoint. Covers the use of information technology to achieve competitive advantage, information technology and the organization, managing information assets, outsourcing, information technology operations and management, and information technology as a business.

    6302 Legal and Social Environment of Business (3-0). Analysis of the role of business in contemporary society with emphasis on the legal, social, political, and regulatory factors affecting business.

    6303 Advanced Data Analytics (3-0). This course explores data collection and analysis techniques commonly practiced in business today. Topics include primary and secondary data collection techniques, analysis of collected data, and associated ethical concerns.

    6311 Organizational Behavior and Leadership (3-0). The study of behavioral interactions within organizational contexts, with special attention on dyadic, group, and organizational leadership dynamics. This course examines how leaders can leverage employee individual characteristics (e.g. personality, perception, and motive) and contextual attributes (e.g. culture, diversity, and structure) to create high-performing employees, teams, and organizations.

    6312 Operations and Supply Chain Management (3-0). Operations and Supply Chain Management consists of three broad areas that include managing processes, managing customer demand and managing the supply chain. Topics include process strategy, quality performance, capacity planning, lean systems, demand forecasting, inventory management, operations planning, resource planning, supply chain design, supply chain logistics networks and supply chain integration.
    Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

    6313 Strategic Management in a Global Environment (3-0). An advanced case course dealing with the wide range of management problems involving policy and strategy decisions faced by executives in both domestic and international markets. A capstone course that requires integration of all materials covered in the M.B.A. curriculum in the policy formulation process.
    Prerequisite: Permission of M.B.A. director.

    6314 Multinational Management Strategy (3-0). An advanced study of global strategies and management practices as compared with those in the European Union. Special focus will be given to creating a single, seamless organization capable of operating in a dynamic international environment. This course is usually taught off-campus as part of the International Studies Program.

    6319 Forecasting Theory (3-0). The study of forecasting methods including exponential smoothing, decomposition, regression, and judgmental techniques. The use of forecasts in managerial planning and decision making.
    Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

    6321 International Business (3-0). International business environmental frameworks; trade and investment theories and institutions; multinational corporation policy, strategy, functional management, operations, and concerns.

    6371 Internship. A structured assignment with a firm or agency. Grading will be either pass or fail. (May be repeated once for credit with permission.)

    6381 Special Topics (3-0). A course dealing with selected topics in management. (May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.)

    6391 Research. A specialized course which may be directed reading or research for superior students. (May be repeated for credit when topic varies.)

    Courses In Marketing (MKTG)

    6301 Marketing Management (3-0). An analysis of the marketing management process for all types of organizations. Included are the topics of (1) planning marketing activities, (2) directing the implementation of the plans, and (3) controlling marketing plans.

    Note: Course descriptions for Accounting 6301, Economics 6311, and Finance 6301 may be found on the Web pages for the master’s program in accounting

Research Course

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