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Courses In Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Undergraduate Courses In Management (MGMT)

    3343 Management Information Systems (3-0). The course provides a foundation in the theory and practical application of information systems within an organization. Managing, analyzing, designing, and implementing an MIS will be the focus of the course. Strategic value, methodologies, quality, decision making, modeling, re-engineering, software, hardware, and ethics will all be included.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing.

    3393 Web Systems Development (3-0). The course covers hypertext markup language and other web-centered software. Students will learn how to plan, design, create and maintain web sites using hypertext markup code and other scripting languages.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing.

    4301 Practicum in Management Information Systems. Instruction providing detailed education, training, and work-based experience in the design and administration of management information systems, generally at a work or organizational site. The practicum is an unpaid learning experience involving actual information systems under the supervision of a faculty member. Student teams will evaluate the design and implementation of a significant information system or will develop such a system where none exists. Project management, management of the information systems function, and systems integration will be components of the project experience.
    Prerequisite: Permission of the Department.

    4336 Networks and Data Communication (3-0). Provides an in-depth knowledge of data communications and networking requirements including networking and telecommunications technologies, hardware, and software. Management of telecommunications networks, cost-benefit analysis, and evaluation of connectivity options are also covered.
    Prerequisites: Management 3343 and Computer Science 1315.

    4343 System Analysis and Design (3-0). Provides an understanding of the system development and modification process. Emphasizes the factors for effective communication and integration with users and user systems. Encourages interpersonal skill development with clients, users, team members, and others associated with development, operation, and maintenance of the management information system. Use of data modeling and analysis tools.
    Prerequisites: Computer Science 1315 and junior standing.

    4344 Database Management Systems (3-0). Extension of the analysis and design concepts of Management 4343 to management information systems involving design and construction of databases under a database management system (DBMS).
    Prerequisite: Computer Science 1315 and junior standing.

    4362 Seminar in Management Information Systems (3-0). Designed to acquaint the student with current literature and to evaluate new technological developments in the field of management information systems.
    Prerequisite: Management 3343.

    Graduate Courses In Management (MGMT)

    6301 Management of Information Systems (3-0). Addresses the management of the information resources from a senior management viewpoint. Covers the use of information technology to achieve competitive advantage, information technology and the organization, managing information assets, outsourcing, information technology operations and management, and information technology as a business.