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Department of Management and Marketing
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Five-year Integrated BBA MGT/MBA

Students interested in the Integrated B.B.A. in Management /M.B.A. will be required to complete a minimum of 150 semester credit hours of degree credit. Of this total, 114 semester credit hours will be at the undergraduate level and 36 semester credit hours will be at the graduate level. A unique feature of the five-year program is that students will begin taking graduate course work in their senior year. All candidates for this program are required to take the GMAT or GRE and be admitted to the Graduate Program before taking any graduate credit hours. The student must maintain a cumulative 3.00 in all undergraduate courses and a cumulative 3.00 in all graduate courses. Another unique feature of this program will be the awarding of the B.B.A. in Management and M.B.A in Business Administration degrees simultaneously at the completion of the program. Therefore, a student will not be awarded the B.B.A. in Management after completing 114 semester credit hours at the undergraduate level. The program of study will continue into the graduate hours, and the B.B.A. in Management and the M.B.A. in Business Administration will be awarded upon the completion of the required 150 hours. Should a student decide not to finish the M.B.A. portion of the program, then this student would be required to complete all of the course requirements to finish the B.B.A. in Management as a separate degree.

Integrated BBA/MBA Graduate Courses
Course Number Name Offered
ACC 6301 Managerial Accounting Fall
BA 6302 Legal & Social Environment of Business Summer
BA 6303 Research Methods Spring
ECO 6311 Managerial Economics Spring
FIN 6301 Financial Management Spring
MGT 6312 Operations Management Spring
MGT 6313** Corporate Strategies and Policies Fall or Spring (Final Semester)
MIS 6313 Management Information Systems Fall
MSC 6301 Decision Analysis Fall
MKT 6301 Marketing Management Fall
  Two Graduate Electives***  

Note: Students in integrated programs should consult their specific programs to determine what the course requirement is for the Major Field Test.
**The Graduate IVY MBA Test should be taken in conjunction with this course as a graduation requirment.
***Electives are to be taken from the Department of Management and Marketing; Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance; or courses from Political Science and Security Studies. Electives taken outside these areas must be given prior approval in writing by the graduate advisor. Courses with International Business related topics are highly recommended.