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Mathematics Minor

Single discipline academic majors require a minor. The minor is selected from one or more disciplines outside the academic major (College of Business majors from the Accounting, Economics and Finance department (AEF) and the Management and Marketing department (MM) may not choose any minor from the (AEF) or (MM) departments).

A minimum of 18 semester hours with the student choosing either a single area minor or two multiple area minors as defined below.

  • Single Area Minor. A series of courses in one academic discipline totaling 18 semester hours, six of which must be advanced and in residence, or
  • Multiple Area Minor. A set of courses selected from two or three academic disciplines. Nine semester hours, including at least six advanced semester hours in residence, are required in each component discipline of a multiple area minor. Certain multiple-discipline minors which have been departmentally designed are not required to meet these general requirements for the multiple area minor.

Single area minor or multiple area minor in Mathematics must include:

  • Must include: 2332.
  • Six additional hours from 3300, 3301, 3305, 3307, 3315, 3333, 3335, 4301, 4311, 4331, 4335, 4345, 4351, 4355, or 4361.