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Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-B.S.N.) Program

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-B.S.N.) Program

Congratulations on your decision to continue your nursing education. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) will help advance your career options. As you read more about our programs, don’t forget to check out these helpful links:

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-B.S.N.) Program

Welcome full- or part-time students!

The RN-B.S.N. program is designed for registered nurses who have earned an associate degree in nursing.

Baccalaureate education builds and enhances clinical scholarship and prepares graduates to advance to an area of specialized nursing practice. Our RN-B.S.N. completion program was the first fully integrated online program for RNs in Texas, and now allows busy nurses to complete their upper-level core nursing courses in as little as 12 months.

All of our nursing course instruction is provided via the Internet for the adult learner – with online course materials, syllabi, assignments, discussion groups, e-mail and exams. Online class participation is asynchronous for the students’ convenience.

Admission Criteria and Selection: RN-B.S.N. Program

For a candidate to be considered, a fully completed application packet is due before or during the rolling admission cycles:

  • Deadlines for initial and final review of completed applications are as follows:
    • Spring 2015: Rolling admission from Sept. 1 through Dec. 1 or until spaces are filled
    • Summer 2015: Application deadline (no rolling admission cycle) - March 1, 2015
    • Fall 2015: Application deadline (no rolling admission cycle) - June 1, 2015
    • Spring 2016: Application deadline (no rolling admission cycle) - November 1, 2015

Applications are not considered complete until all pre-acceptance requirements have been met. Only completed applications will be evaluated for admission to the program. The educational experience of each registered nurse will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Pre-Acceptance Requirements

  • You must apply to the university before applying to the RN-B.S.N. program. All requirements for regular admission to ASU must be met.

  • NOTE: Due to a recent revision to the ASU transfer course policy, grades on all coursework taken elsewhere and transferred into ASU must be a C or better to meet degree requirements. Please contact the transfer office at 325-942-2041 if you have any questions about this policy.

  • The applicant must have a current, unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in Texas.

  • The applicant must have completed an ACEN-accredited associate degree in nursing program from a school that is a regionally accredited institution.

  • The applicant must have completed all core academic required courses.
  • The applicant must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale) on all college work. Petitions for provisional admission will be considered on an individual basis by the B.S.N. faculty and the Nursing Program Director. Applicants who are given provisional admission will be on probation, with the requirement that they achieve at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on all work until they have completed 10 semester credit hours of work in the B.S.N. program at ASU. Provisional admission will only be granted on a “space available” basis. No applicant who has a cumulative grade point average below 2.25 will be granted provisional admission.

  • A criminal background check must be completed through the agency contracted with the ASU nursing program.

    NOTE: RN-BSN applicants are only required to submit for a background check; the drug screening is not a requirement. Please use the appropriate codes when making your purchase. See the link above for an instruction sheet and codes.

  • Two professional letters of reference are required. See the admission application for details.

Application Packet
Application Requirements
B.S.N. Application Submitted with the application packet (send transcripts to the Office of Admissions)
Criminal Background Check Through the nursing program’s contracted agency
Two Professional Letters of Reference See application checklist on Page 2 of the application for details

Meeting pre-acceptance requirements does not guarantee admission to the RN-B.S.N. program.

Selection Process

  • A student must be accepted into the RN-B.S.N. program before enrolling in required nursing coursework. A number of factors, including regulatory agencies’ requirements and university resources, dictate the number of candidates who can be accepted into the RN-B.S.N. program for each semester. As a result, meeting pre-admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the RN-B.S.N. program. In addition, acceptance to the RN-B.S.N. program does not guarantee enrollment in required nursing courses for any specific semester.

  • Applicants not admitted will need to submit a new application form to be considered for the next RN-B.S.N. course sequence.

Applications to the RN-B.S.N. program are to be submitted to the College of Health and Human Services (located in the Vincent Nursing Physical Science building, room 164) or mailed to the address listed at the bottom of the application.  For more information regarding the RN-B.S.N. program, please contact the College of Health and Human Services office at 325-942-2630 or e-mail us at


RN-B.S.N. Advising Plan

RN-B.S.N. Advising Plan, Effective Spring 2015

RN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing*

Academic Major
Nursing 4306, 4308, 4309, 4310, 4312, 4314, 4315, 4344, 4349 27
Upper Division Nursing Elective 3
Other Requirements
Communication 2301 3
Creative Arts:
Art 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302, Honors 2302,
Music 1341, 1342, 1351, 1376,
Theatre 1311
English 1302 3
English 2323, 2324, 2325, 2328, 2329 3
History 1301, 1302 6
Political Science 2301, 2302 6
Statistics:  Nursing 2337, 4337 / Math 3321 or 1333** / Psychology 2321 3
Additional Courses from the earned Associates degree

Biology 2423, 2424
English 1301
Mathematics 1302, 1324, 1332, 1333**
Nursing 2411
Psychology 1303 or 2301
Psychology 2304
Pathophysiology: Nursing 2324
Nursing Courses


*The RN-B.S.N. program meets all core curriculum and general requirements for the B.S.N. Nursing degree.

**Mathematics 1333 may be used to fulfill the Mathematics or Statistics requirement but not both.

For more information regarding the RN-B.S.N. program, please contact the College of Health and Human Services office at 325-942-2630 or e-mail us at

Standards for Progression in the RN-B.S.N. Program

The following standards must be maintained by each student in order to progress in the B.S.N. program to graduation:

  • Compliance with all rules and regulations outlined in the B.S.N. Student Handbook and the Undergraduate University Catalog
  • A minimum 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA) at the completion of each semester in order to register for the next nursing course and to graduate.
  • Successful completion of each nursing course with a grade of C or above
  • Demonstration of safe performance in the clinical laboratory at all times
  • Adherence to the rules and regulations as defined in the current Nurse Practice Act for the State of Texas, and the Code of Ethics of the American Nurses Association while in the performance of duties in the B.S.N. program
  • Compliance with the Angelo State University Honor Code

RN-B.S.N. Program Frequently Asked Questions

  How long will it take me to complete the B.S.N.?

Students who have completed all of their core academic courses could complete the program in 12 months or two long semesters, provided they are full-time students. However, degree plans are individualized to meet your needs. Part-time students can complete the program easily in less than two academic years.

  Do you provide an orientation program?

Yes. Program orientation materials are available to you through the Undergraduate Information on the nursing program website. Course orientations are also available to you through each course in Blackboard, the course management system.

  Will I ever be required to come to ASU during my course of study in the B.S.N. program?

No. You are not required to come to campus during your course of study in the online RN-B.S.N. program. However, meeting with your professors and/or seeing the campus will enhance your college experience.

  Do I have to get all of my academics at ASU?

No. A maximum of 66 hours from accredited two-year colleges may be used toward ASU degree plans. ASU requires 30 semester credit hours to be taken in residence to receive a bachelor’s degree from ASU. We often have students who take the academic courses in their home communities while taking the online nursing courses at ASU. Local junior colleges offer excellent opportunities for core curriculum requirements. Please keep in mind that a student should be approved for admission before the Office of Transfer Student Services can evaluate transcripts.

  Does ASU offer any online academic courses?

Yes. During the academic year, several core academic courses are offered online. Please see the advising plan under the degree requirements tab for specific academic courses offered online. Visit the Distance Education website for more information. You can also check the Class Schedule to learn more about when specific courses are offered. Online classes will be indicated by the term “Online Course” in the schedule.

  What course numbers at local colleges transfer for ASU credit?

Review the information on admission requirements for transfer students and the Texas Junior College Equivalency Tables, which will give you the course equivalencies for many community colleges in Texas. If in doubt, contact the Office of Student Transfer Services at 325-942-2041.

  Does ASU accept credit by exam for academic courses?

Yes. ASU offers several mechanisms for earning course credit based upon ACT/SAT I scores and/or through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). This link provides more information on the specific requirements, time frames and test registration deadlines.


Students who have an interruption in the normal progression of their nursing studies as a result of withdrawing from nursing course(s) for more than one long semester, earning a grade lower than C in a required nursing or science course, or not being in compliance with other progression standards will no longer be enrolled in the RN-B.S.N. program. Individuals who request and are approved for readmission to the RN-B.S.N. program may be reinstated only once. Recommendation from the nursing faculty and an overall grade point average of 2.5 or better are required for readmission. Readmission is on a “space available” basis. Please complete and submit the RN-B.S.N. Readmission Application to begin the readmission process before the deadline -

  • Summer/fall term reentry - March 15
  • Spring term reentry - October 15