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Prequisite knowledge requirements for Nursing 6356 Statistical Analysis in Health Care Research

Should you need review, there are excellent Internet resources available. Due to the nature of the course, faculty will assume that you come to the course with this basic baseline statistical knowledge.

Please have an understanding of the following prior to starting the course:

  1. Difference between descriptive and inferential statistics
  2. Frequency distributions and their application
  3. Graphic representation of data
  4. Mean, Median and Mode (measures of central tendency)
  5. Measure of location for a distribution
  6. Shapes of distributions
  7. Z scores: Location of scores and standardized distributions
  8. Types of hypotheses
  9. Difference between a null hypothesis and a directional hypothesis

Please be familiar with the following concepts:

  1. Level of significance
  2. α level
  3. p-value
  4. t-test
  5. Population and sample: Ability to distinguish between them
  6. μ, σ, χ, Μ, s