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Our M.P.T. Alumni

2010 Alumni - Awards Ceremony

Academic Excellence Award
Karen McSpadden and Dr. Shelly Weise, Faculty

Golden Ram Award
Greg Rickert and Ms. Lynne Hughes, Faculty

Midwest TPTA District Award
Shauna Owens and Dr. Rob Sarbach, Midwest District President

Clinical Excellence Award
Karen McSpadden and Dr. Shelly Weise, Faculty

Research Award
Rose Mary Morgan and Dr. Carolyn Mason, Faculty

Outstanding Clinical Instructor
Teresa Lesley, WTRC and Harriet Lewis, Faculty
Outstanding Guest Lecturer
Jimmy Villers, WTRC and Lynne Hughes, Faculty
Professor of the Program
Deborah Stafford, Adjunct Faculty and Rachel Vinyard and Ashley McCoy

Class 2010 Awards Ceremony


Class 2010 and Faculty
Mark Pape, Mansoo Ko, Harriet Lewis, Shelly Weise, Deborah Stafford,
Carolyn Mason, You-jou Hung, Lynne Hughes, Scott Hasson

Dr. Rob Sarbach, Adjunct Faculty, and
Dr. You-jou Hung, Faculty
Mark Pape, Faculty and
Awards Ceremony Speaker
Dr. Mansoo Ko, Faculty, and Derrick Chan
Jessalyn Cherry
Matt Cole
Andrea Franz
Betty Hernandez
Karen Hudson McSpadden
Landrie Johansen
Kerry Jones
Dr. You-jou Hung, Faculty,
and Lauren Lott
Ashley McCoy
Rose Mary Morgan
Sandra Myers
Shauna Owens
Greg Rickert
Desiree van den Bergh
Rachel Vinyard

Kerry Jones,
Class Speaker