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Fast Facts

FAST FACTS for applicants seeking admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program:

  • Up to 26 students accepted each year.
  • Average number of applicants who COMPLETE the application process is 300.
  • Review our program admission requirements and prerequisites.
  • PTCAS application process can be found here.
  • Average GPA/GRE of enrolled students in 2017:
    • Overall GPA = 3.61
    • Course prerequisites = 3.63
    • Quantitative and Verbal GRE =  309 
    • Analytical Writing GRE = 4.0 (460 Conversion)
    • Financial Aid is available. The Carr D.P.T. Graduate Scholarships are also available to every enrolled/accepted DPT student.  Awards range from $1,500 per year to $3,000 per year. No application is necessary.  Only students accepted by April 1 will be considered for the Carr DPT Fellow Scholarship ($4,500 per year).  Contact the Physical Therapy Department at 325-942-2545 or for more information.
  • Approximate program cost for entire three years based on 2015-2017 academic year (includes tuition, tuition differential, surcharge, fees, and textbooks – does not include cost for three clinical rotations and living expenses):
    • Texas Resident - $33,838
    • Non Resident - $69,262 
  • 7.8:1 Student-faculty ratio
  • Graduation rate (average 2002-2016) = 88.46%
  • Graduation rate (Doctoral Students, 2012-2016) = 90.99%
  • Licensure pass rate (average 2002-2016) = 99.13%
  • Licensure pass rate (Doctoral Students, 2012-2016) = 95.88%
  • Licensure first-time pass rate (Doctoral Students, 2013-2016) = 96%

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Undergrad Universities of ASU Physical Therapy Students

View this list of the undergraduate institutions that our DPT students from 2009-14 have attended.