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Department of Physics and Geosciences
Member, Texas Tech University System The Princeton Review - 373 Best Colleges, 2011 Edition


Although our degree program is still very young we are growing by leaps and bounds. At last count we were 100 majors strong and growing.

We strive to provide an all-around education with an emphasis on the application of geoscience in the field. Our courses provide practical knowledge in the classics such as structural geology, mineralogy petrology, and sedimentology and stratigraphy, as well as the less traditional areas of hydrology, geochemistry, geophysics and volcanology. We also prefer that our majors gain real world experience and as such we provide ample opportunities for undergraduate research.

There is a real need for geoscientists in the workforce today, particularly here in oil-rich Texas. Great paying and fun jobs are just a few short years away.

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