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Courses in Physical Science (P S)

  • 1101 *, 1102 */PHYS 1115, PHYS 1117 Introduction to Physical Sci­ence Laboratory (0- 2). Optional laboratory experiences to supplement Physical Science 1301 and 1302, respectively.
    Prerequisite: Credit for at least one college-level mathematics course.

    1301, 1302/PHYS 1315, PHYS 1317 Introduction to Physical Science (3-0). An introduction to the foundations of physical science, including selected areas of physics, chemistry, earth science, and space science.
    Prerequisite: Credit for at least one college-level mathematics course.

    1403 Introduction to Space Science (3-2). A survey of space science from the earliest recognition of the cosmos to the current search for extra-solar planetary systems. Major topics include the space environment, plan­etary science, satellite communication, remote sensing, robotic exploration, and exobiology.

    3311 *, 3312 * Physical Science Concepts (3-0). A study of physical systems and sub-systems, interactions, variables, motion, energy, electric­ity, and magnetism. For students pursuing early childhood certification.

    * Physical Science 3311 and 1101 may be taken concurrently and Physical Science 3312 and 1102 may be taken concurrently if needed to meet distributional laboratory require­ments.