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Cognitive Lab Support

  • Jocelyn Bright

    Jocelyn Bright is an active volunteer in the Cognition Lab.  She is currently apart of one research project:  Pain and memory on eye-witness testimony. She is also actively working on her thesis which is an action research study looking to increase positive outcomes (performance, communication, and commitment to organization) within a non-profit organization located in Missouri. Jocelyn is on a team of four which has recently submitted results on perceptions on gender and moral intensity. Jocelyn will graduate in May of 2017 from the Industrial/Organizational graduate program at ASU. She plans to pursue a PhD in I/O Psychology after obtaining her Master’s degree. 

  • Andy Chavarria

    Andy Chavarria is a first year graduate student in the Industrial/Organizational program who conducts research in the cognitive lab as a volunteer. She is currently investigating perceptions of gender on moral intensity. She plans to graduate in May of 2017 and gain work experience in human resources or consulting in hopes to one day work join a consulting firm.

  • Shayna Fleming

    Shayna Fleming is a third year undergraduate student majoring in psychology at Angelo State University. She is mentored by Dr. Kreitler under the faculty-mentored grant fellowship and is currently investigating the relationship between attention perception and attentional ability. Shayna plans to graduate with her BA in Psychology in May of 2016 and pursue a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience.

  • Alyssa Parisette-Sparks

    Alyssa is a first year graduate student in the Applied Psychology program who studies from a distance as she resides in California. She is currently investigating Retrospective Childhood Antecedents of Adult Mental Health in college students with Dr. Kreitler for her Thesis project. She intends to graduate in December 2016 and go on to a Clinical Ph.D. program to continue her research in Developmental Psychopathology.

  • Vikash Ramnanan

    Vikash Ramnanan is in his 3rd year at ASU and he has a double major in psychology and philosophy. He has served as Psych Club’s president, serves as a member of Angelo States Honors College, Alpha Chi, and Phi Kappa Phi. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of West Texas CREO and affiliated with other non- profits. He has presented at both honors and philosophy conferences and plans to pursue a doctorate degree after graduation.

  • Luke Solomon

    Luke Soloman is a first year graduate student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program who works in the cognitive lab as a graduate student assistant under Dr. Kreitler. He plans to investigate how a leader’s ethical decision making impacts employees’ perceptions of managerial effectiveness. Luke also assists with data collection of two other projects conducted in the lab. Luke plans to graduate in May of 2018 and after graduation he will pursue a career as a consultant in the Metroplex area.