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Current Course Rotations

Use this guide of class rotations to plan your undergraduate or graduate degree path while at ASU.

Undergraduate Psychology
Course # Course Title Semester Offered
1303 Psychology of Adjustment Fall, Spring, Summer
2301 General Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer
2304 Developmental Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer
2305 Social Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer
2321 Research Methods & Statistics Fall, Spring, Summer
3301 Experimental Spring
3303 Learning & Memory Fall
3307 Motivation Spring
3309 Industrial-Organizational Psychology Fall
3311 Psychological Testing Spring
3313 Intro to Counseling Psychology Fall, Summer
3315 Child Psychology Spring, Summer*
3317 Applied Psychology Fall*
3319 Adolescent Psychology Spring
3321 Intermediate Statistics and Research Methods Fall
3323 Cultural Psychology Fall, Spring
3325 Psychology of Stereotypes Spring
3327 Psychology of Leadership Spring, Summer
3329 Educational Psychology Spring
4301 Personality Psychology Fall, Summer
4303 History of Psychology Spring, Summer
4305 Abnormal Psychology Fall, Spring
4309 Cognition Fall
4313 Physiological Psychology Spring
4315 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology Spring
4317 Current Issues in Applied Psychology Spring or Summer
4319 Drugs & Behavior Summer
4321 Seminar in Psychology Research Fall, Spring
4323 Advanced Social Psychology Spring
4325 Professional Ethics Spring
4327 Human Sexuality Spring
4331 Psychology of Aging Fall, Spring
4335 Health Psychology Fall
4371, 4671 Internship in Psychology Fall, Spring
4191, 4391 Research Fall, Spring

* Note: Sometimes offered

Graduate Psychology
Course # Course Title Semester Offered
5325 Professional Ethics Spring
5331 Psychology of Aging Fall
5335 Health Psychology Fall
6302 Core Concepts in Psychological Science Fall, Spring
6303 Social Psychology Fall
6307 Psychopathology Fall
6309 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Fall
6311 Theories of Personality Summer
6313 Research Design and Analysis Fall
6314 Research Methods Fall,Spring
6315  Marriage and Family Counseling Spring
6321 Individual Intellectual Assessment   
6322 Psychological Assessment Spring
6323 Counseling Theories Spring
6324 Group Counseling Fall
6325 Counseling Methods and Techniques Fall
6326 Counseling with Minorities Fall, Spring
6327 Therapy with Children and Adolescents Fall
6328 Law and the Counseling Profession *
6329 Professional Orientation to Counseling  Fall, Spring
6330 Applied Economic Psychology   
6332  Social Perception Spring
6334 Environmental Psychology Fall
6335 Health and Wellness Psychology Summer
6336 Psychology of Chemical Dependency Spring
6337 Forensic Psychology  
6338 Educational Psychology Summer
6341 Advanced Learning  
6342 Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience  Fall
6343 Employee Assistance Counseling Spring
6345 Advanced Psychological Assessment  
6347 Developmental Psychology Spring
6349 Occupational Health Psychology  
6350 Organizational Psychology Spring
6351 A Survey of Vocational Counseling Methods  
6352 Personnel Selection Fall
6353 Theory and Techniques of Consultation  
6354 Seminar in Industrial-Organizational Psychology  
6355 Psychology of Human Performances Spring
6356 Training and Performance Evaluation Fall
6357 Motivation, Emotion, and Stress Fall
6358 Applied Research  Spring
6359 Attitude Theory in Organizations  
6360 Leadership Spring
6361 Seminar in Teaching of Psychology Spring
6362 Basic Experimental Methodology Fall
6363 Advanced Experimental Methodology Spring
6371, 6671 Practicum in Counseling Fall, Spring
6372, 6672 Practicum in Industrial Organizational Psychology Fall, Spring
6391 Research Fall, Spring
6399, 6699 Thesis Fall, Spring


Social Work Courses
Course # Course Title Semester Offered
2307 Introduction to Social Work Fall, Spring, Summer
2309 HBSE I Fall
2311 HBSE II Spring
2313 Social Work Practice I Fall
2315 Social Work Practice II Spring
3303 Social Welfare Policy and Practice Fall
3305 Social Work Ethics and Professionalism Spring
3325 Social Research and Data Analysis Fall
3327 Human Diversity and Social Inequality Fall
3341 Juvenile Delinquency Fall
3343 Criminology Spring
3345 Social Work Practice III Fall
4303 Social Work with Children/Families Spring (odd years)
4305 Social Work in Mental Health Fall (even years)
4307 Social Work and Aging Spring (even years)
4313 Social Work with Groups Fall (odd years)
4325 Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation Spring
4327 Human Sexuality Summer (odd years)
4371 Social Work Internship I Fall, Spring
4372 Social Work Internship II Fall, Spring


Sociology Courses
Course # Course Title Semester Offered
1303 Social Problems Fall, Spring
2301 Intro to Sociology Fall, Spring
2305 Social Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer
3310 American Political Culture Fall
3312 Social Change and Development Fall
3315 The Family Fall
3319 Population and Ecology Spring
3325 Social Research and Data Analysis Fall
3327 Human Diversity and Social Inequality Spring
3341 Juvenile Delinquency *
3343 Criminology Spring
4301 Sociological Theory Spring
4323 Community Development Spring
4331 Sociology of Aging Spring
4332 Death and Dying Fall
4341 Social Deviance and Social Control *
4371, 4671 Internship in Sociology Fall, Spring
4191, 4391 Research Fall, Spring

* Note: sometimes offered