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Undergraduate Sociology Major

Sociology includes the study of social problems and issues facing the United States and internationally. Representative topics may include family, politics, economy, religion, education, communities, crime, population, environment, social change, aging and many others. Additionally, sociologists study social values that promote understanding, affirmation, and respect for people from diverse backgrounds; integrates knowledge on vulnerable populations; and covers the effects of inequality, discrimination, stigma, and prejudice on human functioning. Sociology explores the understanding of economic and social justice for all groups.

Students of sociology have the opportunity to translate course content into applied research projects and internships that develop skills preparing them for employment or advanced study in graduate and professional schools.

Substantial service-learning projects are integrated into the advanced undergraduate sociology curriculum, which opens opportunities for students to contribute to meaningful research in gerontology, community development, and public health.

The sociology program is associated with Community Development Initiatives (CDI), a component of the ASU Center for Community Wellness, Engagement and Development. Faculty and advanced sociology students work with community partners on a variety of significant community development and public health projects.

These undergraduate degree plans are available online and in the department:

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

This plan requires students to take courses in a foreign language and requires 120 semester credit hours.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

This plan does not require foreign language study, but does require students to take more courses in research methods and the sciences and requires 120 semester credit hours. 

Please fill out the application for Sociology degree plan and return to Academic 204.


  • Honor Societies

    United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta

    Alpha Mu of Texas is our local chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the international sociology honor society.

    The ASU faculty sponsor is Shirley Simpson

    Please contact the student president for membership details. Student eligibility requirements include:

    • Junior standing or higher

    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

    • Sociology GPA of 3.0 or higher

    • At least 12 hours of sociology credit, whether students are majoring or minoring in sociology or have a substantive interest in the subject.

  • Internship in Sociology

    Internship In Sociology

    Internships are available during the fall and spring semesters to qualified students who have (a) completed at least 15 credit hours in SOCIOLOGY and (b) have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.

    Upon acceptance as an intern, a faculty coordinator from the Department of Psychology and Sociology will consult with an appropriate representative of a human service agency or entity in the San Angelo area to arrange an internship assignment for the following fall or spring semester. Duties will be performed for the agency or entity under the supervision of the faculty coordinator and an appropriate representative from the field setting.

    The intern will be evaluated by the faculty coordinator and the field-setting supervisor. Three semester hours of credit will be received for successful completion of 150 clock hours of internship experience, and six semester hours of credit will be received for successful completion of 300 clock hours. A maximum of three of these semester credit hours may be counted toward a major in Sociology.

    To receive credit toward the major, sociology majors should register for Sociology 4371 or 4671. Students cannot receive credit for both internships. Admission to the internship requires approval by the internship coordinator and the Head of the Department of Psychology and Sociology. Applications may be obtained in the main office of the department.

  • Course Rotation

    Sociology Courses

    Course #

    Course Title

    Semester Offered


    Social Problems

    Fall, Spring


    Intro to Sociology

    Fall, Spring


    Social Psychology

    Fall, Spring, Summer


    American Political Culture



    Social Change and Development



    The Family

    Fall, Summer


    Population and Ecology



    Social Research and Data Analysis



    Human Diversity and Social Inequality



    Juvenile Delinquency






    Sociological Theory



    Community Development



    Sociology of Aging



    Death and Dying



    Social Deviance and Social Control


    * Note: sometimes offered           

  • Course Description

    Undergraduate Courses in Sociology (SOC)

    All Sociology Course Syllabi  Learn More