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Counseling Graduate Program Suggested Course Schedule

Requirements Under the 2010-2011 Degree Plan

Students may take up to 12 credit hours during the long semesters and six credit hours per summer session.

Courses to be Completed in the First Year Prior to the Practicum in the Second Year

6302: Core Concepts in Psychological Science (if needed for leveling) (Fall) (Online Format)
6307: Psychopathology (Fall)
6323: Counseling Theories and Applications (Fall)
6322: Psychological Assessment (Spring)
6324: Group Counseling (Spring)

Other Required Courses to be Completed Either in the First or Second Year

6314: Research Methods (Fall) (Online Format)
6315: Marriage and Family Counseling (Spring) (Online Format)
6347: Developmental Psychology (Spring) (Online Format)
(or CI 6351: Human Growth & Development) (Online Format)
6351: Survey of Vocational Counseling (Summer)
(or CI 6347: Career and Occupational Counseling) (Online Format)

Other Courses to be Completed in the First or Second Year: Must Pick One From a Pair

6303: Social Psychology (Fall of Odd Years) (Online Format)
or 6326: Counseling with Minorities (Fall of Even Years)

6309: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Spring)
or 6327: Therapy with Children and Adolescents (Fall of Odd Years)

Practicum Courses (Ordinarily Completed in the Second Year)

PSY 6371, 6671

Elective Courses

Students may select any graduate psychology course as an elective. However, the catalog lists “preferred” ones based on their relevance to careers in counseling psychology.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

The thesis option requires six credit hours of thesis courses (either PSY 6399 twice or PSY 6699). Students must be registered for thesis while working on it. It ordinarily takes at least two long semesters to complete the thesis. For additional information, see Dr. Davidson.

In the non-thesis option, students complete courses other than thesis to satisfy degree requirements.

Both options require 48 credit hours.