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Standard Exemptions

These categories are eligible to petition for exemption to the university’s Housing Policy by:

Submitting an Exemption Request Application Form to the Office of Housing and Residential Programs.

Standard Exemptions include:

  •  Students who are at least 21 years of age or older prior to the start of the academic year
  • Students who have lived in ASU University-owned housing for 2+ continuous long semesters
  • Students who are enrolling for less than 12 hours
  • Students who have at least six months of active duty military service.
  • Students living within 70 miles of San Angelo, Texas at the full-time established residence of a Parent, Grandparent or Sibling

Housing Exemption Requests: Decision and Appeals Processes

A University Housing Appeals Committee is available to review the decisions of the Office of Housing & Residential Programs when an appeal is made by a student whose request for an exemption has been denied.

If a registration hold has been placed on your record, you will be unable to register for classes until a decision has been reached on your request for exemption. This means that if you submit your request for exemption late, on or near the deadlines dates, or incomplete, you may not be able to register for classes until the next registration period (this period may or may not be prior to the start of the semester).

You should NOT make off-campus housing arrangements until you receive WRITTEN notification from the Office of Housing and Residential Programs that your request for exemption has been approved.

A student who gives false information concerning housing will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible suspension from the University. A student found to be living off-campus without approval from the Office of Housing and Residential Programs will be notified through their ASU student email account to move on campus. If this is not accomplished within ten (10) class days, the Director of Housing & Residential Programs will initiate disciplinary action.


If your request for release/exemption is approved, you will receive written notification stating the reason your request was approved. You will be billed through the date of the approval or the date that you officially check out of your residence hall room. If this date is after the start of the semester, you will be billed for room and board charges through the date that you officially check out of your residence hall room. Room rates are pro-rated on a daily basis and board rates are pro-rated on a weekly basis.


If your request for release/exemption is denied, you will receive written notification of the decision to deny, along with the reason(s) your request was denied. Current students or new students who have received their ASU email account will be notified via that email account. Prospective students or applicants who do not have ASU email accounts will be notified by U.S. Mail. Your appeal must be received within 10 business days from the date of your denial notification.

You may appeal the denial of your request by submitting a written request to the Department of Housing and Residential Programs, Centennial Village Office Suite, Attention: Chairperson of the Housing Appeals Committee. You can reach the Housing and Residential Programs Office by phone at 325-942-2035 or via fax at 325-942-2239.

Your appeal request should consist of a written statement of why you are appealing the decision as well as any additional or new information that was not included in your original exemption request that you would like to have considered for your appeal. Specific details regarding deadlines for submitting the appeal, date of the next scheduled appeals committee meeting, etc., will be included in the denial notification.

If the Housing Appeals Committee upholds the denial of your request for release/exemption, you will be expected to reside in university-owned housing and you will be held financially responsible for the full duration of your contract. A space in the residence halls will be held for you to uphold the university’s responsibility to the contract.

If the Housing Appeals Committee approves your appeal, the committee chairperson will notify Housing & Residential Programs of the approval. You will be expected to follow the procedures to schedule and complete a proper check-out of your assigned room with your hall staff. Any required room and/or board charges (if applicable) will be pro-rated based on the date that you complete your proper check out.

Housing Policy Exemption

Read the options for release/exemption and select the one that best fits your situation. If you have questions regarding any of the exemption information, please contact our office for assistance. Once you have made your choice, you should read the instructions carefully and submit your application for release/exemption with all supporting documentation to:

Attention: Travis Taylor,
Area Coordinator,
Housing & Residential Programs Office
ASU Station #11016
San Angelo, TX 76909-1016
FAX: 325-942-2239

The decision to release you from your academic year housing contract and grant an exemption to the ASU Housing Policy will be based on a significant hardship and our inability to meet your needs within the residence hall system. In most cases, completed applications will receive a written response within 10 business days. Exceptions are financial hardship and medical hardship requests. Because of the additional documentation required, these categories may take longer to process.