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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Moving In Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about moving into your room on-campus. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • When can I check in to my residence hall?

      Check-in begins at 9 a.m. the Thursday before classes start. To check in, simply go to the front desk of the residence hall to which you have been assigned. You will then be given instructions on completing the check-in process. We encourage new students to check in before 3:00pm on Friday, so that they are moved in and ready to participate in Rambunctious Weekend activities!

      It is important that you accurately complete your check-in form and note any damages or problems in the room. If you fail to mark something down, it is possible that you will be held responsible for the damages when you check out of the room later in the year. Your Hall staff will review the room inventory form, as well as other important information that you will need in your first few weeks, when you check in.

    • What types of appliances can I bring?

      All residence hall rooms have a micro-fridge unit. The micro-fridge is a combination microwave/refrigerator/freezer unit. No additional appliances for food preparation – toaster ovens, hot plates, sandwich grills, George Foreman grills, etc. – are permitted.

      Students are allowed to bring certain appliances, such as hair dryers, air popcorn poppers, computers, TVs and audio listening devices. If you have any questions about a particular appliance, please contact your hall staff or the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035.

    • Can I bring my own furniture?

      Your residence hall room or apartment is fully furnished. You may not remove or disassemble any of the furniture that is in place.

      You may bring a few additional items if space permits. If you have a documented medical condition that may require special accommodation, including furniture change, please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-203, to discuss options.

    • Can I bring candles or incense?

      No. Objects that produce excessive heat, have an open flame, or smolder (i.e. candles, incense or halogen lights) constitute a serious risk for fire and are strictly prohibited in the residence halls and apartments.

    • What if I need to check in early?

      Early check-in is permitted for students who are required to come early to participate in university-sponsored programs, such as athletics, student government, sorority recruitment, employment, band, Housing & Residential Programs staff, etc.

      You may be subject to a $25 per night early move-in (break housing) charge. Please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office to make arrangements if you think you will need authorization to move in early.

      The early move-in charge is waived for students who maintain continuous occupancy, that is, if they live on campus in the semester or term immediately preceding the break and will be living on campus in the semester or term immediately following the break.

    • I plan to live off campus while I attend ASU. Do I need to let you know?

      Yes! Angelo State University has a Housing Policy that requires many students to live on campus for about the first two years (60 semester credit hours). To live off campus, you must meet exemption criteria or have been formally approved for exemption from the housing policy.

      A hold will remain on your registration until you have let us know about your living plans. This goes for new as well as returning students. For more information on ASU’s housing policy and the exemption process, visit the University Housing Policy page or contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office.

    • Who do I contact if I still have questions?

      You can find additional information about our policies and procedures by checking out our 

      Residence Hall Handbook

      Please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035 if you have questions. You may also send us a fax at 325-942-2239, or e-mail us at We are located in Centennial Village near the “tower” entrance.

      Our mailing address is:
      ASU Housing & Residential Programs Office
      ASU Station #11016
      San Angelo, TX 76909-1016

  • Basic On-Campus Living Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about general on-campus living. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • How do I apply for housing?

      Before you apply for housing, you need to apply for admission to ASU and receive your campus ID (CID) number. After you have your CID, you can apply for housing online.

      You will be asked to pay the $100 non-refundable housing application fee during the on-line application process.

      At the end of the online application process, print out the Confirmation Documents. These documents contain important information about your housing agreement as well as information about the next steps in the process—choosing a room and/or roommate.

    • Application Fee

      Here is the breakdown of the Non-Refundable Application Fees

      All New Students Application Fee = $100.00

      Applications for all new students for the Fall 2015 Academic Year open November 1, 2014.

      Renewal Students Application Fee = $100.00

      Current Residents Renewal period opens February 1st and Ends February 28th 

      Summer Students
      Summer Application Fee Summer I & II = $50.00
      Summer Application Fee Summer I Only = $50.00
      Summer Application Fee Summer II Only = $50.00

      All Summer Students pay an additional Summer Housing Application Fee

    • How much does it cost to live on campus?

      Cost varies somewhat by building and meal plan choice. Please visit the Cost page for more details. We encourage you to carefully consider your budget when weighing your housing choices.

      Living on campus offers you a great value for your money by including in one convenient package (and location), many services that other places “cap” or charge extra for. In addition to a great place to live, when you live on campus you get services that aren’t offered anywhere else, including convenient access to campus services, faculty and staff—resources that are here to help you succeed! We offer hundreds of programs and events that entertain but also help you get to know other students and learn new skills. Student and professional staff live in all the areas to provide 24/7/365 assistance and support.

      When you live on campus, the university isn’t just where you attend class. It’s your neighborhood! It’s way more than just a place to live!

    • Is the PIN number I use to access my residence hall the same one I use for RAMS-Logon?

      No. You will be issued a separate four-digit PIN number that is tied to your ID card and building assignment for door access. For more information about changing or setting your PIN number; go to OneCard Door Access.

      If you forget your PIN, for security reasons we cannot look it up for you. It will have to be re-set and a new number selected. Please do not share your card or PIN number with others. This compromises safety for everyone in the building. Intentionally doing so may subject you to disciplinary action.

    • Where do I get my meal card and building access card?

      Your ASU ID, the OneCard, is not only your official university identification, it is your meal plan card, card access device, library card and “ticket” to recreational facilities and sporting events. For more information, contact the OneCard Office at 325-942-2331 or visit their office in the West Office Annex.

    • Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

      For a complete explanation of the university’s alcohol policy, please refer to the 

      Residence Hall Handbook

      and the ASU Student Handbook. We do not encourage the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any of our residential facilities.

      However, we recognize that students who are of legal age to possess and consume alcoholic beverages may want to do so. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in the individual rooms at Vanderventer Apartments, provided that ALL the occupants and guests are of legal age.

      In addition, there are restrictions as to quantity of alcohol, number of people allowed to be present, associated behaviors, etc. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in all other residence halls is prohibited, regardless of the residents’ ages. Please note that ASU police officers enforce a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking anywhere on campus.

    • Can I have a pet?

      Due to the need for tight controls in the areas of health and sanitation as well as concern for the welfare of animals, pets are not allowed in any of the residential areas. This applies to guests as well as residents.

      You may keep a small aquarium of fish in your room. Aquariums cannot exceed 20 gallons in volume.

      Service animals are not pets, and in accordance with ADA regulations, are permitted in the residential facilities. If you anticipate bringing a certified service animal to campus, please contact our office in advance so that we can work with you to meet your specific assignment needs. Information about the university’s policy regarding service animals may be obtained from the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Office in the University Center.

    • Can I have a private room?

      All bedrooms in Centennial Village and Texan Hall are private rooms, together, they account for approximately 50 percent of the rooms on campus.
      After the semester starts, if Texan and Centennial buildings are full and there is space available in other buildings, rooms that are normally double rooms may be offered as private/single rooms. Students requesting and accepting assignment to a private room should pay special attention to the additional cost associated with private rooms. Changes to your room assignment can affect your student bill. Please check your student account and be prepared to pay any additional room charges at the time that you accept the private room.

    • Can I smoke in my room or hall?

      No. All residential facilities on the ASU campus are designated “tobacco free.” As such, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in the individual rooms, lobbies and other community areas. Smoking outside of campus buildings, including residential facilities, is not permitted within 50 feet of the entrance.

    • How do I get mail at my residence hall?

      All students who live on campus are required to have a post office box on campus. 

      As a convenience to our students, you don’t have to change post office boxes/addresses if you move to a different residence hall or room. You will have the opportunity to keep the same post office box for as long as you live in campus!

      You will be issued your post office box key at Mail Services (Post Office). If you lose your key during the year, please report it to the mail services staff so they can get a new key for you. The charge for a new key will be placed on your student account.

      You will pick up your mail, packages, Mail Services (Post Office) located on the first floor of the University Center near the tower. Mail, packages (including FedEX, UPS, etc.) will NOT be delivered to the residence halls.

      Please check your campus post office box frequently for important updates and notices! Please report any problems with your mail directly to the helpful staff at Mail Services.

    • Why should I consider renters or personal property insurance?

      ASU assumes no financial responsibility for loss or damage to personal items. We STRONGLY encourage you to carry renter’s insurance or see if you are covered under your parent’s homeowner’s policy. Renter’s insurance is typically inexpensive and in the event of a problem, it is well worth the cost. Information about renters insurance specifically for college students living both on and off campus is listed on the For Parents section of our website.

      We work closely with our maintenance staff to keep our facilities in good working order. However, no system is without the potential for problems.

      While we have a great record for safety and security, residence halls are like any other community and, unfortunately, thefts, vandalism and accidents occasionally occur. Most of these incidents are crimes of opportunity (doors/cars left unlocked, propped open doors, items left unattended or out in the open, etc.). Abiding by Housing & Residential Programs and university policies by locking doors, securing valuables and reporting suspicious situations to the police or hall staff is the best preventive measure and can go a long way toward protecting you and your belongings.

  • Roommate Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about roommate request, contacting roommates and roommate issues. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • How do I request a roommate and/or suitemate?

      How you request a specific roommate depends on if you are a new/first-time resident or a returning resident. A brief overview is provided below. As with any contract or assignment question, please feel free to contact us or come by our main office and we’d be happy to work with you individually.

      Current/Returning residents:

      During the spring renewal process, students who will be returning to live on campus during the fall semester will have the opportunity to choose not just their roommate(s), but also the specific room they want to live in for the next academic year. There are a couple of limitations. You must complete the process within the appropriate deadlines. Roommate requests still have to be mutual. Roommates must be in the same assignment process, (so you wouldn’t be able to choose a new student for example.) Roommates must all meet the appropriate deadlines and complete their re-application process on time. 

      Contract renewal typically starts February 1st and continues through about spring break. Around late January, watch for specific dates and info to be e-mailed to your ASU e-mail account and posted in your residence hall.

      Important Note for Returning residents: If you are a returning resident and decide to choose a room and/or roommate for yourself (self-select) during the spring renewal process, please be aware that you will be bypassing the room and personal preferences information that you entered. As a result, you will NOT be alerted to possible conflicts (i.e. smoking vs. non-smoking status). Unless you are choosing to live with someone whom you already know, we STRONGLY encourage you to participate in the auto-assignment process so that the system can assign you based on room and personal preferences.

      New students:

      The room assignment and roommate request process is somewhat different for new students. It involves a couple of step (outlined below). Since you are new to our system, please feel free to contact us with questions so that we can assist you throughout the process.

      Step 1. Apply online for housing and pay your $100 non-refundable application fee.

      Step 2. Check the New Student Timeline on our website for information about when room assignment and roommate request “lotteries” will take place. Mark your calendar.

      If you DON’T have a specific person that you plan to request as a roommate, (and don’t worry, most students don’t) you just need to make sure your building and personal preferences are updated and then wait for the date that room assignments will be available for you to see on your MyHousing main page. (You can ignore the “Roommate Selection Lottery” information/process.)

      If you DO have a specific roommate request, you will need to proceed with the following steps.

      Step 3. Requesting a specific person as your roommate: If you have a specific person(s) whom you would like to request as a roommate or as suitemates you will need to:

      • Make sure they are in the same lottery/assignment process as you, meaning they have to have completed their housing application process within the dates listed on the New Student Assignment Schedule for whichever process you both expect to be in.
      • Make sure you both/all have been officially accepted to the university.
      • Make sure you list the same building preferences in your MyHousing accounts.

      Step 4. Participate in the Roommate Request Lottery. During the Roommate Request Lottery, you and your future roommate(s) will check your MyHousing main page for your assigned lottery time (it will be toward the bottom of the page). After the listed time, you log in and enter your roommate request information. This is your start time. You have until the end of the lottery period (it will be listed next to your sign in time) to complete the process. You will need your intended roommate’s name and campus ID number. We strongly encourage you to use the CID so that the correct student is matched with you. You will not select a room at this time. This lottery is just to indicate whom you wish to be paired with. Requests must be mutual, so both/all students involved must log in and submit their requests separately. 

      You will know if you have successfully completed the request because on your MyHousing main page under “My future roommates” it will list your requested roommate’s name and will indicate “Matches.” If it says “Does not match” or the names are not listed, the request is not mutual and you will not be assigned together. Once you see that all the requests show as “matched,” you are done with the roommate request lottery portion. Now wait for the auto-assignment process.

      Step 5. Receive your room assignment. You should be able to login to your MyHousing page after the roommate assignment date listed on the New Student Assignment Schedule. You will not receive an e-mail or other notification, so make a note to check on or after the appropriate date. Also, check your assignment information periodically for updates because there may be changes as students cancel, spaces open in “first choice” building, etc.

      Important Notes:

      Listing the same building multiple times under “preferences” does NOT increase your chance of being assigned to that building. It just means that if that building is full at the time it is your turn to be assigned, you will be placed in whatever space is available. It’s better for you to list three separate choices as we do our best to get students into at least one of their three choices. (To the extent that space allows.)

      As rooms and buildings fill up, it becomes harder for us to match roommates, because it becomes less common for an entire room or unit to be empty. By summer, assignments are often one bed space at a time. We will always do our best, but sometimes we simply can’t honor all building, room or roommate requests. That being said, we do allow students to make room changes during the year, so as spaces become available we are more than willing to work with you (and your prospective roommates) to get you settled together eventually. We may just need to ask for your patience.

    • Do I have to request a specific person, or can I ask for someone who meets a general preference (same major, hobbies, hometown, etc.)?

      If you do not have a specific person in mind to be your roommate, do not worry. Many of our students do not come to campus with a roommate they already know. Just make sure that you have updated your personal and building preferences in MyHousing prior to the appropriate auto-assignment process. Check the New Student Room Assignment Schedule for dates. The system will match you to a roommate based on the information you entered.

      Specially designated housing for students admitted to the university’s Honors Program is available in Texan Hall. We work with the Honors Program and individually with Honors students in making assignments to this area.

      The ASU Housing & Residential Programs Office does not illegally discriminate when making assignments and will reject requests for assignment or reassignment based on reasons of race, color, religion, age, disabilities or national origin.

    • When will I find out who my roommate is and to what room I am assigned?

      New students should check the room assignment schedule that is posted as a link from the MyHousing log-in page.

      You will know what your assignment is as soon as it is made. Just log in to your MyHousing account for the information. We encourage you to check your MyHousing account frequently, as assignment information can change as a result of cancellations, facilities issues, etc.

    • Will I be able to contact my roommate before I arrive?

      If one is available, your roommate’s/suitemate’s e-mail address will be displayed on your MyHousing page.

    • What if I do not get the room or roommate I wanted?

      With our online services, we think you will see that our students have much more control over their room and roommate assignments than was previously possible. While we tried to make the system as user-friendly and flexible as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all of your requests.

      We can guarantee that we will do our best to assist you both during the assignment process and after move-in. We will also help you work out problems that may arise with your living arrangement. Of course, we cannot help you if we do not know there is a problem, so we rely on you to let us know you are having a problem and to be open and honest about it.

    • What if I want to change my hall/room/roommate preference?

      You can log in to MyHousing and make changes to your building, personal and roommate preferences up until the point that you are assigned to a room, either through the self-service or auto-assignment processes. Once you are assigned, changes you make to your preferences will only be used in the event that it becomes necessary to change your assignment in some way (i.e. the roommate you originally requested cancels and you receive a new one through the auto-assignment process).

      After the start of the semester and pending space availability, there will be announced periods, called “Open Change,” when we will accept general room/roommate and meal plan change requests.

      If you find you are having room or roommate problems, please contact your hall staff as soon as possible to discuss options other than moving. We may be able to help you find another solution and save you the time and inconvenience of moving.

    • What if my roommate and I are not getting along?

      Some conflicts are a natural part of living with someone. It is probably not realistic to expect that even friends will get along 100 percent of the time.

      Establishing good communication and ground rules early in the semester—and continuing to talk about how the relationship is working—are good ways to avoid major conflicts.

      However, if you find that you and your roommate are at an impasse, please contact your resident assistant or area coordinator as soon as possible. These staff members will be able to offer you advice, give you some tips on talking to your roommate about what is bothering you, and/or mediate the conflict.

      If necessary, your area coordinator will meet with you and your roommate to decide if a room change is in order. Most students want to have good roommate relationships and seek to get along, so give each other the benefit of the doubt and the respect to talk to each other honestly and constructively about the problems. Thinking about how you would want to be approached or treated if the roles were reversed is a good place to start.

      In any case, if it is not working out, do not just “tough it out.” It shows a lot of maturity to acknowledge that there are conflicts. We can help if you let us know there is a problem.