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Why do you like living on campus?

Joe Muñoz

“On-campus living is a great combination of social networking and accessibility to campus facilities, like the library and computer labs.”


Shaheena Anene
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology


Joe Muñoz

“I love the convenience of being close to everything and the ability to easily meet people.”


Cade Halle
Year: Junior
Major: Kinesiology

Joe Muñoz

“I enjoy living on campus because I find myself right next door to my friends and close to all of the events that happen at ASU.”


Joanna Lule
Year: Senior
Major: Athletic Training

Joe Muñoz

“I like the social interaction and that basic necessities are conveniently located on campus. Living here helps with time management.”


Chijioke Onyekwela
Area of Study: Pre-med

Joe Muñoz

“I love living on campus because you meet lots of interesting people. It is really easy to strike up a conversation with someone in a class or while just waiting at the crosswalk. It is very rare that there are two people who are alike. ASU is very diverse.”


Jennifer Lovett
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology

Joe Muñoz

“I enjoy living on campus because all of my friends are here and there are always fun and free UCPC events to go to. You also save gas money because everything is at a centralized location.”


Farrah Lokey
Year: Junior
Major: English

Joe Muñoz

“Living on campus is affordable. Classes are just a few minutes away and on-campus housing helps you meet exciting new people.”


Elisa Lopez
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology

Why Live on Campus?

On-campus living gives you convenient access to classes, labs and the library. Plus, you will not have to hassle with commuting and parking. The living environment makes it easy to get involved on campus and get the educational support to succeed in college.

Students Who Live on Campus Generally:

  1. Have higher GPAs and are able to complete more credit hours each semester than their off-campus counterparts.
  2. Are more likely to graduate in fewer semesters than other students.
  3. Are more likely to get involved in academic and extracurricular activities.
  4. Have the ability to meet other students from all over Texas, the U.S. and the world.
  5. Can participate in any of the 300 programs that resident assistants sponsor each semester.
  6. Can avoid cooking by using an on-campus meal plan.