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Student Office Assistant Employment Form

Housing & Residential Programs hires student workers to serve as Office Assistants to the Housing & Residential Programs department.  This position is required to answer phones, image and shred documents, give tours, inspect and prepare guest housing rooms and/or apartments, and provide office coverage during certain break periods.  Preferably, applicants will be work-study qualified and have the ability to work year-round. 

The average hours worked per week are 20 and the current pay rate is $9.75/hr.  If you have any other questions regarding the responsibilities of this job, you may contact Housing & Residential Programs at 325-942-2035.

In order to qualify for this position, you are required to live on campus. 

Please enter the amount of work study awarded to you.
Please list all commitments for extracurricular activities. Specify times and/or dates if possible.
In a paragraph, please explain your work history and qualifications to perform the job duties listed.
Please list the names and contact information for any references you may have.
Please type your current course schedule, including days/times of classes.
Please provide any other additional information that may help the hiring personnel evaluate your application.