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Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice
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Undergraduate Tuition Estimate

Students in the undergraduate programs listed below are charged differential tuition. The differential tuition rate allows for students to be charged one single rate for tuition without additional fees.

This is an excellent opportunity for those receiving military tuition assistance to have a minimal out-of-pocket cost.  For cost information on other programs, please visit the Angelo State University Financial Aid website.

  • Bachelor of Border Security (B.B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Security Studies (B.S.S.) in Border and Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Cultural Competence and Security Studies (B.C.C.S.S.)
  • Bachelor of Cultural Fluency and Security Studies (B.C.F.S.S.)
  • Bachelor of Security Studies (B.S.S.) in Culture and Security Studies
  • Bachelor of Security Studies (B.S.S.) in Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis

These costs are effective Fall 2012-Summer 2013.

Resident Tuition

$250/credit hour

3 credit hours=$750.00
6 credit hours=$1,500.00
9 credit hours=$2,250.00
12 credit hours=$3,000.00
15 credit hours=$3,750.00
18 credit hours=$4,500.00

Non-Resident Tuition

$613.50/credit hour

3 credit hours=$1,840.50
6 credit hours=$3,681.00
9 credit hours=$5,521.50
12 credit hours=$7,362.00
15 credit hours=$9,202.50
18 credit hours=$11043.00

To determine if you will be required to pay resident or non-resident tuition, please visit the Registrar’s Office website.

The tuition and fees above are provided as an estimate and are subject to change.

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Stipend for Military Veterans

Effective Oct. 1, 2011, the Post-9/11 GI Bill pays a housing stipend to students enrolled solely in online classes. The stipend is half the national average of BAH for an E–5 with dependents – $673.50 per month for 2011.