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Here’s what faculty say about our Signature Courses:

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to teach the pilot “Signature” class, it allowed me to try an assortment of teaching styles and tools.  The support received from the Freshman College and the CITR was exceptional.

Teaching this class gave the opportunity to experiment with teaching a class that combines the student’s personal interests with basic study skills.  It allows the student to bridge the skills they learned in high school with those required for collegiate success.

Vincent Mangano


I noticed from teaching freshmen seminar that the students tended to be more engaged and more passionate about the subject matter. Students seemed to be really interested in what music could do for them.

I found it more personally rewarding for myself to teach about something that I was passionate about, and something I took a personal interest in.

I found it easy to tie in things like time management, goal setting, and studying for exams, etc. and students were easily able to see the connection between music and these topics, and how music could help them with these topics that college students need help with.

Brittany Draper


I enjoy teaching freshmen and helping them navigate the college experience.  For them, everything is fresh and new.  The seminar course gives them an opportunity to engage with other new students, a peer mentor, and a senior faculty member.  Everyone benefits.Doyle Carter


The Signature Course gives the students an opportunity to work on essential skills they need to succeed at ASU. More important, though, the students and faculty get to interact in a low stakes environment that can help students get oriented to ASU, San Angelo, and life in higher education. The class has helped the students connect with other students while learning important communication skills.

John Wegner


The pilot freshman seminar has provided me the ability to teach a unique class that combines several disciplines. The seminar has also given me the opportunity recruit students into the field of history while at the same time preparing students for an undergraduate experience at Angelo State University.

John Klingemann