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Sponsored Projects Active or Awarded 2012-2013

PI/Co-PIs & Department Funding Agency Project Title Funding Period FY 2013 Funding
Kirk Braden
USDA (subaward from Louisiana State University)
(CFDA #10.310)
Enhanced Economic Benefits for Meat Goat Producers Through Production, Meat Yield and Palatability, and Consumer Information* 2/2010 - 1/2013 $3,498
Loree Branham
USDA (subaward from Texas Texas University)
CFDA #10.326
Building Laboratory and Intellectual Capacity in order to Effectively Detect and Reduce Salmonella in the Food Supply* 9/2012 -
Loree Branham
USDA (subaward from Kansas State University)
(CFDA #10.303)
Practical Interventions to Effectively Manage Antibiotic Resistance in Beef and Dairy Cattle Systems: A Fully Integrated Approach* 9/2010 - 8/2014 $20,092
Loren Ammerman, Bonnie Amos, Michael Dixon, Robert Dowler & Terry Maxwell
National Science Foundation
(CFDA #47.074)
CSBR: Natural History Collections: Modernization and Digitization of the Angelo State Natural History Collections* 5/2012 -
Robert Dowler, Michael Dixon, & Loren Ammerman
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department A Baseline Assessment of the Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians of Devil’s River State Natural Area, South Unit* 12/2012 -
Connie Russell
National Science Foundation (subaward from TEES)
(CFDA# 47.076)
Angelo Science Partnership for Recruitment, Retention, and Success (SPURRS) 6/2009 - 5/2014 $172,480
Russell Wilke
Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service Joint Admissions Medical Program (JAMP) 9/2012 - 8/2013 TBA
Edith Osborne
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Research Corporation for Science Advancement Novel Selenocysteine Insertion System for Protein Labeling and Human Selenoprotein Expression* 7/2010 - 6/2013 TBA
John Osterhout
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Welch Foundation Departmental Research Grant 6/2012 - 7/2013 $35,000
Gary Pumphrey
National Science Foundation (subaward from NCATSU)
(CFDA# 47.075)
Changing societal attitudes towards water scarcity: ethanol production & increasing groundwater depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer* 9/2008 - 2/2013 N/A
Joseph Satterfield, James Ward & Christine Purkiss
Physics (Geosciences) &
Teacher Education
National Science Foundation
(CFDA# 47.050)
OEDG Track 1: Pathways for Inspiring, Educating, and Recruiting West Texans in the Geosciences (PIER) 9/2011 - 8/2013 $82,295
Paul Swets
National Science Foundation (subaward from TTU)
(CFDA# 47.076)
The West Texas Middle School Math Partnership (WTMSMP) 1/2009 - 8/2013 TBA
Susan Wilkinson
USDHHS Health Resources & Services Administration
(CFDA# 93.264)
Nurse Faculty Loan Program 7/2012 - 6/2013 TBA
Robert Ehlers & James Phelps
Security Studies & Criminal Justice
National Science Foundation SFS: Capacity Building: Collaborative Project: Cyber-Security Education for Community College Faculty in Texas (with TTU) 9/2012 - 8/2014 $58,736
Donna Gee
Teacher Education
U.S. Department of Education (through THECB)
(CFDA# 84.367B
Algebra for Upper Elementary Teachers 2/2012 - 4/2013 $90,000
Katherine “Kit” Price Blount
U.S. Department of Education
(CFDA# 84.031C)
Angelo State University-Howard College Cooperative HSI-STEM Program 10/2011 - 09/2016 $1,193,243
Joe Muñoz
U.S. Department of Education
(CFDA# 84.031S)
Improving Retention and Graduation Rates of Hispanic and Low Income Students at Angelo State University 10/2010 - 09/2015 $649,968
Linda Ross & Leslie Mayrand
WED Center
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Advancing Breast Care for West Texans - Concho Valley (ABC4WT-CV) 3/2012 - 2/2015 $368,691

*Restricted Research