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Policy and Procedure

Angelo State University’s policy and procedure applies to all faculty and staff who serve as the principal investigator, project director, or other senior/key personnel responsible for the development and conduct of a sponsored project.

What do I have to report?

In short, you must report any significant financial interests that might reasonably appear to be affected by your institutional responsibilities. Specific details regarding the types of interest and dollar thresholds are outlined in ASU’s Operating Policy 56.08.

How often do I have to report?

Upon submitting a proposal for an externally sponsored grant/cooperative agreement/contract, once a sponsored project has been awarded, and once a year thereafter. Additionally, if you gain a significant financial interest during the course of the year, you must report the new interest within 30 days of acquiring it.

How often do I have to attend training?

Once every four years, or whenever the policy is revised, whichever comes first. You must attend your first session in person; subsequent sessions may be completed online in the Sponsored Project’s Blackboard site.