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ASU Tutor Center

ASU Tutor Center Schedule

  •  Fall 2015 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunday
    # Accounting 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm  
    *Including Finite Math & Business Calculus          
    Biology 4pm-9pm 4pm-9pm 2pm-9pm 2pm-7pm 5pm-7pm
    Chemistry 2pm-9pm 5pm-9pm 2pm-9pm 5pm-9pm  
    ~Computer Science   2pm-5pm   2pm-5pm  
    Economics   2:45pm-5:45pm 2pm-5:45pm 2pm-7pm  
    French 2pm-5pm 2pm-4pm  2pm-5pm 6pm-9pm  
    German 2pm-5pm 2pm-4pm 2pm-5pm 6pm–9pm  
    History 2pm-6pm 2pm-9pm 2pm-6pm  2pm-9pm  
    Nursing 7pm-9pm 6pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 3pm-9pm 5pm-7pm
    Philosophy   3pm-9pm   3pm-9pm 5pm-9pm
    Physics 2pm-8pm 5pm-9pm 2pm-8pm 5pm-9pm  
    Political Science 5pm-7pm 2:30pm-9pm   3pm-9pm 5pm-9pm
    Psychology   3pm-9pm   3pm-9pm 5pm-9pm
    Including Research Methods & Statistical Analysis           
    Russian 2pm-5pm 2pm-4pm  2pm-5pm 6pm-9pm  
    Spanish 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 5pm-9pm
    #The Accounting Tutor will be located in RAS 201 from 2pm - 5pm and the Tutor Center from 5pm - 7pm Monday through Thursday
    *The Math Lab is also available to tutor in these courses      
    ~The Computer Science Tutor will be located in MCS 111 B