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Texas Outdoor Leadership Conference 2013:Dynamic Adventures in a Changing Environment


  • Welcome

    Welcome note from the host team 

    Welcome to Angelo State University! We are proud to host this year’s Texas Outdoor Leadership Conference (TOLC).

    As outdoor educators and facilitators, our classroom setting depends on an ever-changing environment. Rivers can flood, fires can devastate, lack of snowfall can disappoint, but we plan ahead and prepare to mitigate these environmental hazards.

    Recently, the rapidly growing technology scene, and economic restrictions, have had a huge impact in the outdoor education / recreation industries. Smartphone and tablet sales are beginning to outpace traditional desktop and laptop sales. With the onslaught of on-demand and cloud-based media, more and more participants are having a difficult time “disconnecting”.

    This year’s conference theme focuses on embracing the changes, and adapting to facilitate deep, meaningful experiences for today’s generation. Perhaps, your institution now uses augmented reality applications for plant/tree identification, or you found a way to grow your department and program offerings through innovative, cheaper ways.

    We ask that you come share these growing experiences to our local, regional community. The TOLC 2013 team would like to build off of the great student presentation series (started by the Houston team), and offer a similar experience. How has your program implemented technology? What types of trips are you offering to adapt to the ever-changing population? What are some marketing strategies you have implemented that helped continue to grow your program?

    It is our hope that San Angelo becomes your destination for learning, growing, networking, and fun. As the host institution, we want to open our doors and show our flavor of outdoor education at ASU. The side-bar on the left under Outdoor Adventures will help act as a navigation pane for site visitors.  If you’re interested, check-out the rest of Outdoor Adventures. If not, no worries, you may find all the links you will need under the TOLC heading.

    Host Team:

    • Ian Brown, Asst. Dir. for OA, ASU
    • Aaron Kentner, Grad. Asst. for OA, ASU (expected grad. May 2013)
    • John, Student Supervisor, ASU (conference logistics)
    • Josue, Student Supervisor, ASU (sponsorship & giveaways)
    • Mik, Student Staff, ASU (marketing and printed material)
    • Amanda, Student Staff, ASU (food and entertainment)
    • Caleb Wells, Asst. Dir. for Outdoor Adventure, UH (educational sessions)



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