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Equipment Rental

Thank you for your interest in the new Equipment Rental program! This new offering is intended to provide the ASU community with the tools to experience personal getaways.

  • Location & Hours

    The Equipment Rental program is located in the Outdoor Adventures Center; which, is housed conveniently within the Center for Human Performance.  It is in the old concession stand as you transition from the new addition to the older part of the building.

    The following are the operational hours of the Outdoor Adventure Center. Please note, the OAC is closed during holidays and breaks; therefore, some rental periods may need to be extended to return equipment during operational hours. Equipment must be paid for during normal business hours in CHP, Room #112.


    • Saturday through Thursday: 3:00 - 8:00pm

    Summer Session I and II

    • Saturday through Thursday: 3:00 - 7:00pm


  • Steps for Rental

    Great, you are ready to rent some equipment, but now what do you do? Simply, follow the steps below:

    1. Review the Equipment Rental Policies.
    2. Plan the trip, and develop a list of equipment that might be needed.
      • Our trained Outdoor Adventures staff can help renters with this. Access, permitting, menu planning - we have done it all. Stop by the OAC for latest and greatest information.
    3. Reserve your equipment.
      • The renter may reserve equipment the day of, or up to two weeks in advance.
        • You have the option of reserving equipment in-person, or via an online form located in the bottom box of this page.
      • Equipment availability is subject to change, please call ahead / stop by to confirm availability.
      • The OAC tests all equipment prior to transaction to ensure it is complete and in working order. It is the renter’s responsibility to double-check this process and ask OA staff any clarifying questions prior to departure.
    4. Stop by CHP, Room #112 during business hours to pay for all rental costs.
      • While you are paying, the OAC staff will review the renter’s equipment and put it all together.  When the renter returns with a payment receipt, they will be able to pick up their equipment for the rental period.
    5. Have fun, be respectful, stay safe while enjoying your adventure.
    6. After returning from this epic experience, immediately set up any equipment, allow it to dry off, inspect it for dirt and damage.
      • Please, return all equipment clean and dry.  If the renter notices any dirt, they should follow the documentation that came with it on how to properly clean it. 
      • DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANING CHEMICALS.  At most, use a damp sponge with a small amount of dish detergent.
      Return the clean and dry equipment to the OAC at least thirty minutes prior to closing.  It will take some time to check-in the equipment; so, plan accordingly.
      • If the equipment comes back on time and clean, the transaction will be completed.
      • If the equipment comes back dirty, damaged, or late, the OAC staff will review the equipment, and assess any damages / fees necessary. This transaction will be reviewed by the Graduate Assistant for Outdoor Adventures, and the renter will be contacted with additional information.
    7. Tell everyone how you reached the summit, survived that storm, or had just a relaxing time hanging out. Share your epic story with the OAC staff and with UREC on Facebook
    8. Repeat steps 1 - 8.
  • Items Available for Rent

    Some availability may be limited around peak seasons (e.g. Spring Break) and during Outdoor Adventures’ Outdoor Trips programs.  Please call ahead of time to check availability / reserve items 325-486-6918.  Equipment rentals may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.  Please see our list of available items.

    Click thumbnail images to enlarge.

  • Equipment Rental Rates
       3 - Day / 7 - Day  3 - Day / 7 - Day  
    Single sit-on-top kayak package $15 / $25 $18 / $30 Includes: kayak, paddle, and personal flotation device.
    Tandem sit-on-top kayak package $18 / $30 $21 / $35 Includes: kayak, paddle, and personal flotation device.
     Mountain bike $15 / $25  $18 / $30 Includes: bike, air pump, and helmet.
    Backpack $5 / $8 $6 / $10 Internal frame pack with carrying capacity of 5,000 cubic in.
     2-Person tent  $8/$10 $10 / $16  3-Season Columbia Tent good for backpacking and general use.
     Sleeping pad $2 / $4  $3 / $5  Ensolite pad helps keep you warm and provides padding from ground. 
     Sleeping bag $5/$8  $6 / $10  20 degree mummy-style sleeping bag. Synthetic material compresses well and keeps you warm, even when wet. 
    Group cookware $3 / $5 $4 / $7 Large pot with lid, small pot, frying pan, & utensils.
    Individual utensils $3 / $5 $4 / $7 Plate, bowl, spoon, fork, and three wide-mouth water bottles.
    1-Burner camp stove $4 / $7 $5 / $8 Perfect for backpacking. Does not include fuel.
    Fuel canister $6 $7 Single-use fuel can, designed to work with canister stoves.  
    Headlamp $2 / $4 $3 / $5 Black Diamond Spot Headlamp perfect for everything. Batteries included.
    Ice chest $3 / $5 $4 / $7 Perfect for keeping that OJ, and other food items cold on the way to the campsite.
    Bear bag rope $2 / $4 $3 / $5 Perfect for throwing and hanging bear bags.
    Climbing shoes and helmet $5 / $8 $6 / $10 Evolv climbing shoes to stick that perfect line and a Petzl helmet to help shed rock fall.
  • Equipment Reservation Form

    Clicking on this link will take you to a new tab to fill-out our online reservation form.

    Reservation Form


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