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  • Introduction

    Thank you very much for your interest in completing your training with the aid of Outdoor Adventures.  Since “team building” and “problem-solving initiatives” are relatively new concepts for many of our clients, OA would like to take this opportunity to give you a general overview.

    Team building, communication skills, breaking barriers, and dissolving cliques are all common goals that people associate with attending challenge course experiences.  Facilitators use a variety of tools to help groups of people, and the individuals within those groups, to attain those goals.  Specifically, the trained Outdoor Adventures facilitators use a combination of name-games, energizing activities, and activities which might mentally and/or physically challenge the group.

    All of these activities, however, become nearly useless without allowing time for the individuals and group to process what just happened.  In the Adventure Education realm, this is called “processing”, “debriefing”, or “now what”.  The goal of this facilitated discussion is to provide transference of information from the specific activity to a greater understanding of the group dynamics and the greater goals of the group.

    There is a large spectrum of transference within challenge course and teambuilding experiences, but in adventure education, facilitators tend to stay within the specific to general transference range.  That is to say that they help participants understand how their actions and behaviors affect their group, but they do not actively prescribe corrective behavior – much like a wilderness therapy program would.

    Again, thank you for seeking Outdoor Adventures to provide assistance in your training, and we look forward to providing an experience that your group will not forget.

  • Programs Offered

    Outdoor Adventures works with each organization to develop a program that fits their individual needs and desires.  No two programs are alike.  Your program coordinator will work with you to build a program that fits your groups needs and wants.  Pricing may vary, please fill out the general interest form and the program coordinator will discuss pricing with you.

    • Alaskan baseball
    • Giants, Wizards, Elves
    • Name motions
    • Name juggle
    • Birthday lineups
    • Combination lock
    • Bull ring
    • Carpet maze
    • Key punch
    • Incomplete bridge
    • Spider web
    • Islands of paradise
    • Rock climbing
    Half Day (3 hours) Large group activities and small group ground-based activities.
    • Break the ice
    • Form the group
    • Fun
    Full Day (6 hours) All of the above, plus small group initiatives and low-level events.
    • Goal setting
    • Communication skills
    • Teambuilding
    • Organization-specific goals
    1.5 Day (9 hours) All of the above, plus climbing events.
    • Pushing through perceived risk
  • Pricing & Additional Info

    Thank you for your continued interest in a TBE Program with Outdoor Adventures. Since each program is unique, the pricing structure will vary based upon organizational makeup and your needs. Please fill-out the general interest form and a group coordinator will follow up within two business days with additional information.

    General Interest Form


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