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University Recreation
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Fitness Classes

University Recreation offers free fitness classes to ASU students! Faculty and staff are welcome to participate with the purchase of a fitness pass. You can join a class at any time during the semester. Classes meet for an hour in the Center for Human Performance room 202 or in the swimming pool for Cardio H2O.




Ab Lab

All-around abdominal toning and strengthening. This class includes intense core concentration moves followed by a cool down coupled with stretching.

Cardio H2O

Jump right in to this low-impact water workout designed to increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

Boot Camp

Be ready for the rigorous challenges that Boot Camp has to offer. Push yourself to the limit as you experience the full gamut of body weight exercises branded into the structure of this class!  

Bosu Blast

You are guaranteed to have a blast on the Bosu while challenging your balance, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness!

Tabata Boxing

Tabata Boxing is essentially the “Perfect Cardio Storm”. It is a perfectly balanced blend of cardio kickboxing moves, high intensity Tabata intervals, and flexibility/balance challenges.


Weights, intervals, and cardio! This class is designed to train you from top to bottom and improve your overall physique.  

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a fitness trio featuring 20 minute segments of cycling, strength training, and yoga.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Rain or shine this class will push you to your physical limit. Using authentic physical training exercises from the US military, this class will whip your body into shape, military style!


ASU Yoga


Learn total mind and body relaxation techniques. Increase your flexibility, core strength, and mental focus. Class features Hatha style yoga.


Features a strength and conditioning class using randomized high intensity movements to push your body to the limit and maximize strength and speed performance.

Power Yoga

Featuring an Ashtanga style, this class will have your muscles burning, but keep your mind at ease.   


ASU Jump rope

Rippin’ Rope

Jump your way to a fit physique with this intense and fun workout!


This workout uses cycling to challenge the mind and body. Come prepared to tone the lower body and increase your cardio endurance level.

ASU Step

Step Aerobics

Total body conditioning! An intense choreography-based class designed to tone and shape you from head to toe!

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