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Resources for writing a good paper:
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A few archives and resources for primary sources to get you started with your research:
Wisconsin State Historical Society and Archives
Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Memorial Library Special Collections
Life Magazine and other periodicals from google
Life Magazine’s article on Hiroshima (mentioned in your reading)
Jet Magazine’s issue regarding the lynching of Emmett Till
Historical Newspapers (must log in using your UW netid)
Vanderbilt Television News Archive (NBC viewable on campus only)
Coverage of the My Lai Massacre
Foreign Relations of the United States
The Miller Center Oral History Project
Vietnam Center and Archive
Library of Congress--American Memory
The Nixon Tapes

Topics related to violence in the news:
Violence and Hazing at Florida A&M

Berkeley Students, the Police, and the Occupy Wall Street Movement; An editorial with a contrasting view and relating the events in Berkeley to those at Penn State

Penn State Students Rioting

Occupy Oakland and the Police

A new book on violence, The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker, has caused quite a debate among book reviewers and journalists lately. For a few examples: A basic review from the Wall Street Journal, A critique from a New York Times blogger, an opinion piece from a Notre Dame Professor, and Pinker on the Colbert Report.