Studio Calendar

Spring 2018


January 26-28 ASU Trumpet Ensemble at ITG Regional Conference
  Oklahoma City University, OKC
February 21-15 ASU Trumpet Ensemble to Philadelphia area
  (Fulfilling the travel component of the Undergraduate Faculty-mentored
  academic grant)
March 25 ASU Trumpet Ensmble and Friends concert
March 26 Studio Class • Mid-term Scales
March 27 Will DeForest Senior Recital
April 2 Last Day to Drop a Class
April 3 Dr Shipes, Faculty Recital
April 4 Concert and Master Class • USAF Band of the West BQ
  Brass Quintet from San Antonio, TX
April 13 Master Class • Bert Truax (re-scheduled)
  "Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't . . . "
  (Lecture/demonstration of the James Stamp Method)
April 13 ASU Trumpet Ensemble, Low Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble
  Concert -- "Exhilaration"
April 20 ASU Undergraduate Research Showcase and Performance
April 23 Jury Pieces/Scale Review
April 30
Mock Jury
May 10
Level Change Juries
May 10 Brass Juries (non-Level change)