itg in sydney

At ITG Conference, Sydney, Australia









Practicing for recital in Taipei, Taiwan


trumpets and JA

itg premiere

World Premiere of "Concert Gallop" (Brendan Collins) at the
ITG Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2011






taipei poster

Poster Recital in Taipei, 2010



alan and rosendo

ASU Trumpet Studio with James Ackley
Alan Siebert with Rosendo
hymn to gil
Texas Premiere of Hymn to Gil by Bert Truax (April, 2006 ASU Festival of Trumpets with Bert conducting)
alan dean
trumpets with alan
Alan Dean working with Sergio
With Alan Siebert after Master Class
ray sasaki
Trumpets after a performance with comedian, David Brenner
Ray Sasaki working with David
trumpets with PBTE
ASU Trumpet Ensemble with Permian Basin Trumpet Ensemble
hamming it up
before a gig
Hamming it up before a concert
Relaxing before the concert
alan and francisco
with students
Alan Siebert with Francisco
With Caleb and Paul
alan and ray
Alan Dean and Ray Sasaki (St. Louis Brass Quintet)

Claudio Roditi with David and me at the A. C. Jobim Tribute
San Angelo Jazz Festival

logan and brenda
logan and paul
Brenda with Logan Place
Paul and Logan
wynton and group
Wynton Marsalis with guys from the Studio