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The Concho Valley

is defined in a variety ways. This map shows the Concho Valley defined as the drainage of the Concho River. Runoff in this area will reach the Concho River.

The maps below show you a variety of other information about the Concho Valley.

We are in a region of warm temperatures. This map shows average temperatures in January. The Concho Valley averages 44 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in mid winter.

Temp Map

We are in a region of low precipitation. This map shows average annual precipitation. Eastern Concho Valley averages 26 - 30 inches of annual precipitation. The western region of the Concho Valley receives 14 - 18 inches.

Precip Map

The combination of temperature and precipitation determine climate. Climate is largely responsible for the plants and animals that live in an area. The Concho Valley includes the Edwards Plateau (hill country) and the Rolling Plains.

EcoRegions Map

More information about the Concho Valley is available here.

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