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PowerPoint presentations and handouts from professional conferences.

Teaching Inquiry-Based Science: A Model for Differentiation - with Dr. Christine Purkiss

Poetometry - combining poetry and geometry

CLICKITs (Classic Literature Inspires Children's use of Knowledge, Ideas, and Technology) - with Dr. Judith A. Hakes and Sandy Pedersen

RAMPs (Reading and Math Projects) - with Dr. Judith A. Hakes

Fit Kits - with Dr. Kathleen Price and Dr. Melanie Croy

Technology in the Social Studies - with Dr. Marcia L. Broughton

Reaching out for Diverse Educational Opportunities (RODEO) project - with Dr. Judith A. Hakes, Lori Barton, & Sandy Pedersen

Desktop to Laptop Theater - with Dr. Judith A. Hakes

  • PowerPoint from IRA conference – May 2004, Reno, NV
  • Claymation workshop handout and samples from Traci Evans, Esc Region XV
  • Mermaid (Quicktime video)
  • Sea Take 2 (Windows Media Player)

Technology Applications for Early Childhood – with Dr. Marcia Broughton

Archeology and Electronic Digs for Social Studies

  • PowerPoint Presentation from TCSS Annual Conference - October 2003, Lubbock, TX
  • Handouts

Classroom Lore and Artifacts Study Project (CLASP) - With Dr. Judith A. Hakes

  • PowerPoint from IRA Annual Convention - May 2003, Orlando, FL

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