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The following websites were compiled by Dr. Eisenwine's graduate curriculum students for a project in ED 6310 to assist teachers and students with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), as well as other areas in education.

Kindergarten - Mandy Smetana

Kindergarten Spanish Language Arts - Rosa Avendano

First Grade - Becky Buck

Third Grade Math - Christy Finn

Third Grade TAKS -Leslie Dempsey, Terry McCutchen, Sharon Morris

Fourth Grade Math - Elizabeth Pajestka

Fifth Grade Math - Charlotte Upshaw

Fifth Grade Science - Cassidy Early

Sixth Grade Math - Michele Dierschke

Sixth Grade Reading - Elizabeth Pajestka

Seventh Grade Math - Laura Buxkemper

Middle School Language Arts - Ryan Snowden, Kelley Watkins

Eighth Grade Social Studies - Laure Owens

Eighth Grade Math - Diana Dobbins

Secondary Chemistry - Kelly Spiller

Secondary Math - Kaci Griffith

Secondary Math TAKS - Michelle Clawson

Secondary Language Arts - Leah Buxkemper, Samuel Wyatt, Michael Fisher, Lauren Smith

Secondary Biology - Jenny Kolls, Scott Walters

Exit Level TAKS - Shelly Boyd


Special Interest Areas

Technology - Traci Evans

School Counselors - Brittany Meador

Special Needs Students - Teresa Sturdivant

This view of Sierra Blanca or "Baldy" from Ruidoso has always been a favorite of Dr. Eisenwine's.

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