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Compliance Certification: 2013

February, 2011

Angelo State University, with the formation of its steering committee and sub-committee, has officially begun preparations for its institutional compliance certification under the guidelines of the Southern Association of Schools-Commission on Colleges.  This process runs in tandem with the development of the Quality Enhancement Plan, with review of both scheduled for fall 2012-spring 2013.

A fundamental premise will guide the University’s efforts: 

A university’s most important asset is its institutional accreditation.

The 2013 submittal will mark the first time that we have been reviewed under SACS’ new, more stringent, accreditation standards that are based on outcomes and evaluation of data rather than primarily on inputs (number of faculty, library volumes, etc.).  To read more about SACS, I encourage you to visit the “Links” on the left-hand side of the page to SACS-COC. 

Listed below are representatives from across the campus who have agreed to lead our compliance certification effort.  When included with individuals who are spearheading the development of our Quality Enhancement Plan, over 75 members of ASU’s faculty and staff, as well as representation from the student body and the community, are contributing their time and effort to retaining full institutional accreditation.

Steering Committee

  • Sarah Logan, Chair (Institutional Research & Accountability)
  • Stephen Emmons, Assistant Chair (faculty representative; Art and Music)
  • Nancy Allen (Academic Affairs)

Institution-Wide Authority Sub-Committee

  • Brad Petty, Chair (University Recreation)
  • Andrew Siefker (Mathematics)
  • Katie Plum (Sponsored Projects)
  • Audrey Wilson (One Card)

Institutional Effectiveness Sub-Committee 

  • Stephen Emmons, Chair (Art and Music)
  • Crystal Braden (Strategy, Planning and Policy)
  • Michelle Bennett (Financial Aid)
  • Angie Wright (Finance & Administration)

Academic Programs: General Policies/Procedures Sub-Committee

  • Jeff Boone, Chair (Communication, Mass Media, &Theatre)
  • Chuck Pier (Accounting, Economics, & Finance)
  • Karl Havlak (Mathematics)
  • Corbett Gaulden (College of Business)
  • Linda Lucksinger (Teacher Education)
  • Jason Pierce (History & Political Science)
  • Susan Keith (Kinesiology)
  • Kirk Braden (Agriculture)
  • Corey Owens (Agriculture)

Academic Programs: General Education Sub-Committee

  • Mark Crouch, Chair (Computer Science)
  • Jamal Husein (Accounting, Economics, & Finance)
  • Linda Ross (Nursing)
  • Dennis Pate (History)
  • June Smith (Communication, Mass Media, Theatre)/li>
  • David Scott (Art & Music)

Academic Programs: Graduate Sub-Committee

  • Shawn Wahl, Chair (Communication, Mass Media, & Theatre) 
  • Warren Simpson (Kinesiology) 
  • Man-Soo Ko (Physical Therapy)
  • Cody Scott (Agriculture) 

Faculty Sub-Committee

  • Mike Salisbury, Chair (Agriculture)
  • Kraig Schell (Psychology, Sociology, & Social Work)
  • Mary McGlamery (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Whitney Ruiz (Accounting, Economics & Finance)

Library Sub-Committee

  • Andy Wallace, Chair (Physics)
  • Maurice Fortin (Library)
  • Mike DeCelles (Accounting, Economics, & Finance)

Financial Resources/Stability Sub-Committee

  • Maggie Pepper, Chair (Finance & Administration)
  • Denise Brodnax (Finance & Administration)
  • Biqing Huang (Accounting, Economics, & Finance)
  • Brandy Hawkins (Student Affairs & Enrollment Management)

Physical Plant Sub-Committee

  • Connie Frazier, Chair (Residential Programs)
  • John Russell (Facilities Planning & Construction)
  • Ben Sum (Art & Music)
  • Jay Halbert (Physical Plant)

Student Life Sub-Committee

  • Trey Smith, Chair (Mathematics)
  • David Dewar (History)
  • Rick Greig (Veterans’ Affairs)
  • Heather Valle (Student Involvement)
  • Lauren Cole (Admissions)
  • Megan Wheeler (Admissions)  
  • Michelle Vanderzant (Academic Advisor)

Technology Sub-Committee

  • Jim Summerlin, Chair (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Brian Braden (Information Technology)
  • Katie Artnak (Nursing)
  • John Wegner (English & Center for Innovation in Teaching & Research)

Distance Education Logistics

  • Brian Braden, Chair (Information Technology)
  • Patrick Dierschke (Information Technology)
  • Jason Brake (Information Technology)
  • Audrey Wilson (One Card)
  • Elisa Hernandez (Admissions)                  
  • Martha Sleutel (Nursing & Rehabilitation Sciences)

Semester Credit Hours

  • Paul Swets, Chair, (Arts and Sciences)
  • John Wegner (English & Modern Languages)
  • John Klingemann (History & Political Science)