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The Fifth-Year Interim Accreditation Report

Angelo State university is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools-Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC). As such, a fifth-year interim accreditation report is required to be filed, providing an update on ASU’s status in maintaining and achieving several key standards. ASU is slated for its decennial review in 2013.

ASU submitted its fifth-year interim report, jointly authored by a committee of faculty and administrators, for review and action at the June 2009 meeting of the Commission. You may follow any of the links below to review the materials submitted in support of a particular standard. Please note that you will be viewing a PDF file of the report; as a result, the links embedded in the narrative are not operable.

In response to our Fifth-Year Interim Accreditation Report, SACS-COC found ASU to be deficient in two areas: Core Requirement 2.8 (Faculty) and Comprehensive Standard (Institutional Effectiveness-Educational Programs). As a result, ASU filed a Referral Reportfor action at the June 2010 SACS-COC meeting.

As of July 2010, Angelo State University is now under monitoring for deficiencies in Comprehensive Standard (Institutional Effectiveness-Educational Programs). The university’s first monitoring report is due April 2011.

To view all accreditation standards, please follow this link: (then click on Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, 2008 edition).

Core Requirements:

2.8 - Faculty
2.10 - Student Support Services

Comprehensive Standards:

3.2.8 - Governance and Administration: Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers - Institutional Effectiveness
3.4.3 - Admission Policies
3.4.11 - Academically Qualified Program Coordinators
3.10.3 - Financial Resources: Financial Aid Audits
3.11.3 - Physical Resources: Physical Facilities

Federal Requirements:

4.1 - Student Achievement
4.2 - Program Curriculum
4.3 - Publication of Policies
4.4 - Program Length
4.5 - Student Complaints
4.6 - Recruitment Materials
4.7 - Title IV Program Responsibilities