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  • Introduction

    Nurse Educator Post Master’s Certificate Program

    The Department of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences offers a four-course (12 credit hours) Nurse Educator Certificate Program designed to develop expertise in the teaching of nursing students enrolled in a variety of educational programs. The program will benefit M.S.N. graduates wanting to develop expertise in curriculum development and teaching strategies, including online strategies and evaluation.

    Students enrolled in the certificate program will also have the opportunity to partner with a faculty member in a variety of practical experiences, including clinical and lab instruction, as well as didactic instruction. To enter the program, you must hold a master’s degree with a major in nursing.

    This certificate program requires a 3.0 cumulative grade point average with no grade lower than a “B.” All courses must be completed in residence.

    Program prerequisites are Nursing 6318, 6324, 6331, and 6338. For more information about program admission, visit the nursing program website.

  • Courses
    • NUR 6319 Curriculum in Nursing Education (3-0-0). This course explores the nature of curriculum development in higher education based on educational theories and principles. It focuses on the development of curricula for a variety of academic programs in nursing education and the design of teaching and learning strategies for their implementation and evaluation. Factors influencing curriculum, student, faculty, and administrator roles are explored.

    • NUR 6308 Leadership and Practicum in Nursing Education (0-0-150). This course provides a faculty guided experience for nurse educaiton students. This course will focus on nurse educator leadership roles, classroom and clinical teaching, as well as supervised evaluation of student work and performance. The student will complete a 150 clock-hour precepted practicum designed for comprehensive leadership and teaching experiences in an approved setting providing student, patient and/or staff education. Grading will be either pass or fail. Prerequisites: Nursing 6306, 6307, 6319.

    • NUR 6307 Evaluation in Nursing Education (3-0-0). This course focuses on knowledge and skills needed to design and evaluate tests and scales constructed to measure academic achievement. Practical components of test item construction, essay evaluation, and clinical/laboratory performance evaluation is incorporated. This course also focuses on the essential components of academic program evaluation, including outcomes assessment and accreditation processes and procedures.  Prerequisites: Nursing 6306, 6319.

    • NUR 6306 Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education (3-0-0). This course is designed to explore the knowledge and competencies needed to develop and apply innovative strategies and technologies in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. Strategies for distance and web-based learning are also addressed. Prerequisite: Nursing 6319.

  • Certificate Plan
    Nurse Educator Post Master’s Certificate
    12 Credit Hours
     Course Number

    Course Title


    NUR 6306

    Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education


    NUR 6307

    Evaluation in Nursing Education


    NUR 6308

    Leadership Practicum in Nursing Education


    NUR 6319 Curriculum in Nursing Education 3