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Online Texas School Counselor Certificate

  • Introduction

    Students who already have a master’s degree can enter this plan to complete the requirements for school counseling certification. Candidates receive certification after successfully completing the coursework and passing the TExES counseling exam.

    For more information, contact the Educator Preparation Information (EPI) Center at or visit the Texas School Counselor Certification Plan Web page

  • Certification Plan
     Texas School Counselor Certification
    18 Credit Hours
    Course Number Course Description Hours
    EDG 6320 Individual Counseling 3
    EDG 6321 Group Counseling 3
    EDG 6323 Theories of Counseling 3
    EDG 6324 Career and Occupational Counseling 3
    EDG 6325 Practicum in Counseling 3
    EDG 6331 Role of the School Counselor 3
  • Courses
    • EDG 6331 Role of the School Counselor (3-0). Designed to acquaint the student with the organization, program, techniques, and methods used by counseling personnel to help students individually and in groups with educational planning, vocational choice, and interpersonal relations.

    • EDG 6325 Practicum in Counseling (0-0-3). Three semester hours of supervised practical experience under the supervision of a certified school counselor. Education 6365 (160 clock hours) meets the requirements for the professional certificate in school counseling required by the State Board for Educator Certification. Grading will be either pass or fail. Prerequisite: Permission of graduate advisor.

    • EDG 6324 Career and Occupational Counseling (3-0). A study of the basic principles related to educational-vocational planning, including practical experiences in administering, reviewing, and evaluating occupational and career standardized data profiles.

    • EDG 6323 Theories of Counseling (3-0). An introduction to the fundamental counseling theories with emphasis on application of theories to counseling practice.

    • EDG 6321 Group Counseling Skills (3-0). The theory and types of groups, including dynamics and the methods of practice with groups.

    • EDG 6320 Individual Counseling Skills (3-0). An introduction and orientation to basic counseling skills, emphasizing the methods or techniques used to provide counseling treatment intervention to individuals.