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Online Texas Teacher Certification Plan

  • Introduction

    Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher can enter this plan to complete the requirements for Texas teacher certification. Students will receive certification after successfully completing the coursework and passing the required TExES exam(s).

    For more information, contact the Educator Preparation Information (EPI) Center at or visit the Texas Teacher Certification Plan Web page

  • Certification Plan
    Texas Teacher Certification Plan
    24 Credit Hours
    Course Number Course Title Hours
    EDG 6301 Social and Cultural Influences 3
    EDG 6310 Behavior Management 3
    EDG 6311 Instructional Supervision 3
    EDG 6312 Learning Theories 3
    EDG 6313 Foundations of the Public School System 3
    EDG 6314 Effective Instruction and Assessment 3
    EDG 5360 or EDG 5660 Teaching Internship (taken twice) Or Clinical Teaching 6

    Students desiring a teaching certificate only (24 graduate semester credit hours) must meet the requirements of the Educator Preparation Program and have a bachelor’s degree with 24 credit hours in a particular content area, 12 of which that are upper level. Prior to enrolling in EDG 5360 or EDG 5660, students must pass the TExES certification examination in the content area and have earned no grade lower than a “B” in other courses included in the certification plan.

  • Courses
    • EDG 6314 Effective Instruction and Assessment (3-0). Learn effective and practical instructional methods that utilize appropriate technology and engage students in a variety of formats. Study responsive instruction practices that incorporate continuous assessment into the delivery.

    • EDG 6313 Foundations of the Public School System (3-0). Develop an understanding of the organization and structure of the school system. Learn to fulfill the professional role and responsibilities of the instructor, adhering to the legal and ethical requirements of the profession.

    • EDG 6312 Learning Theories (3-0). Learn to apply evidence-based instructional methods through the study of incidence and etiology of different learning styles.

    • EDG 6311 Instructional Supervision (3-0). Designed to acquaint students with current literature regarding instructional supervision including such topics as theories of leadership, communication, change, organization, and decision making.

    • EDG 6310 Behavior Management (3-0). Learn to organize a positive and productive learning environment. Integrate the study of the physical and emotional environment to develop effective classroom management techniques and student behavior modification theory.

    • EDG 6301 Social and Cultural Influences (3-0). Designed to present a broad base of knowledge about culture and learning. Approaches, materials, and research will be investigated. Specific skills for identifying learning problems and solving them through classroom instruction will be featured.

    • EDG 5660 Clinical Teaching (0-0-6). Observation of and participation in supervised teaching in appropriate approved school settings for students seeking teacher certification. Grading will be either pass or fail.

    • EDG 5360 Teaching Internship (0-0-3). Supervised practice in applying instructional skills in organized settings. (May be repeated once for credit.) Grading will be either pass or fail.