ACS Student Affiliates Chapter

Angelo State University

Bylaws of the ASU Student Affiliates Chapter of the ACS

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Angelo State University Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an opportunity for science-oriented students to become better acquainted with all aspects concerning the field of chemistry and biochemistry as it relates to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at ASU. These aspects shall include recent advances in research, establishing relationships with science faculty and students at ASU, and developing a professional pride in chemistry and biochemistry.

Article III. Membership

The membership of this organization shall be open to all currently enrolled, full- or part-time, graduate or undergraduate students at ASU. A current member is defined as someone that has paid his or her dues according to these bylaws and officer directives and has regularly attended ACS meetings. For voting purposes only, regular attendance is defined as an individual that has attended at least 50% of such meetings each semester. Tutoring is not included in the 50%.

Article IV. Officers

The officers of this chapter shall be, in order of succession, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Webmaster. Any member of the club that has attended at least 50% of the ACS meetings and activities is eligible to run for office. Additionally, candidates must be full-time students in good financial and academic standing with the University.

Section I. General Duties

1. All officers are responsible for recruiting members into the club

2. All officers should be present at ACS functions

3. Officers should be the most active members of the club

4. All activities should be approved one week prior to the event

5. Officers should conduct themselves both in school and in the community in a manner consistent with the position that they hold

6. Officers are expected to show respect for each other and all ACS members

Section II. Presidential Duties

1. The president should be the most active member of the club

2. Registration of the club each semester with the Student Life Office

3. Coordination of officer’s meetings

a. Prompt completion of paperwork (one week prior to event)

b.  Delegation of tasks, if necessary

c.  Soliciting the opinions of all officers in club decisions

4. Organization of Science Days and other outreach programs

5. Delegation of tasks to other club members. If no club member is delegated a responsibility, then the president is responsible for assuring that it is carried out. Examples may include:

a.  Science Days coordinator

b.  Homecoming coordinator

c.  Tutoring

d. Science fair judging coordinator

e. Freshmen Liaison

6. Immediately inform the treasurer of all monetary transactions performed

Section III. Vice Presidential Duties

1.  Assist the president in his or her duties

2. Organize trips to National and Regional ACS meetings

a. Regional meetings occur in the Fall

b. National meetings occur at the beginning of the Fall and Spring (occur twice a year)

3. Organize tutoring programs

a. Dates

b. Times

c. Selection of capable tutors

4. File an annual report with the ACS

5. Immediately inform the treasurer of all monetary transactions performed

Section IV. Treasurer Duties

1. Assist other officers in their duties

2. Organize fundraising activities, which include the following:

a. Soliciting ideas from members

b. Assuring that the fundraisers are organized

c. Getting the fundraisers publicized

3. Keep a current and detailed record of club funds

4. Promptly pay debts to club members and sponsors

5. Write thank you letters to sponsors and supporters of the club

Section V. Secretary

1. Assist other officers in their duties

2. Record and post minutes of each regular meeting. Minutes should be posted on a departmental bulletin board and by email

3. Familiarize them self with University posting guidelines and remove club postings by the designated posting guidelines

4. Maintain a current list of ACS members email addresses and phone numbers

5. Post flyers one week prior to each regular meeting

6. Keep members informed of all club activities

7. Prepare press releases for major club events (Science Days, Science Fairs)

8. Develop means of promoting the club within ASU

9. Immediately inform the treasurer of all monetary transactions performed

Section VI. Web Master

1. Assist other officers in their duties

2. Develop and maintain the club website

3. Immediately inform the treasurer of all monetary transactions performed

Section VII. Officer elections

Officer elections will take place during the month of April and after the Spring National ACS meeting.

A. Officer duties will be read for each office prior to elections

B. The election ballot shall be created by floor nominations. A minimum of two candidates for each office shall appear on the election ballot

C. Candidates shall declare a willingness to serve in the positions for which they have been nominated and will be allowed a brief speech in which they may describe why they should be elected for office

D. Each officer will be elected by a majority vote of the members that are eligible to vote and present. The election will occur at the same meeting in which the candidates are nominated

E. The procedure for the above listed items will be as follows: An office will be announced and its duties will be read aloud by the current president or other current officer who is not running for re-election. Members in good standing will nominate at least two candidates. The nominees will have an opportunity to make their campaign speeches, and then they shall exit the voting area. Voting by the members in good standing will begin immediately by writing the names on sheets of paper. The advisor(s) will calculate the votes, ask the nominees to come back into the voting area, and announce the newly elected officer. The process will continue until all officer positions have been filled. In the event of a tie, all nominees will come back into the voting area. The nominees with the tied votes will have the opportunity to decline the position, and thereby end the voting, after three more rounds of tie voting. If neither officer declines the position at that point, then a coin toss will be held.

Section VIII. Officer removal

Officers should respect the office that they hold, the judgment of the other officers, and especially the faculty advisor(s). If for any reason an officer cannot fulfill his or her duties, the officer should step down. Failing that, a two-thirds majority vote of existing members may be called for removal of an officer. The officer shall first have the right to address and answer charges to the body of members, in good standing, empowered to remove the official from office. A minimum of fourteen days must elapse between the filing of charges to the officers and the vote to remove the official from office. In other words, the charges must be filed at a regular meeting, and the vote will be held at the next regular meeting.

Section IX. Officer succession

As stated above, the order of succession shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Webmaster. If any officer does not wish to move into a vacated position, the next officer may then take over. If a position remains vacated after all of the officers have been offered the position, then a general election for that position will be held.

Section X. Fiscal responsibility

It is the responsibility of all of the officers to assure that the club is left in a better standing financially than when they were elected as officers. At the end of the spring semester, the club account should not have less than $200 in the account and the balance of the account should be increased by 10% of the starting balance.

Article V. Faculty Advisors

During officer elections, the chapter advisor(s) for the following year will be presented or selected as determined by a vote of the current officers at their last officer meeting. The chapter advisor(s) should be a member of the American Chemical Society and should be a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The primary responsibility of the advisor(s) will be to direct the club in its activities. He or she should be consulted in such matters as t-shirt design, outreach programs and meeting organization. At least one advisor is expected to attend all chapter activities, and his or her advice should be sought on all matters of policy and officer performance.

Article VI. Meetings

Regular activities shall be held on a regular basis. This should at least be twice a month with the day and the time being chosen based on student and advisor schedules. Currently, the chapter meets every other Monday at 5 PM. Special events should be arranged and publicized through the Ram Page and posted notices in the Cavness science building. Officer meetings should take place twice a month alternating with the regular meetings.

Article VII. Dues

The annual dues of the ACS chapter shall be set at the beginning of each fall semester. Some form of local dues should be collected to help subsidize chapter activities. Additionally, any member that fails to participate in fundraising activities may, at the discretion of club officers, be required to pay an additional amount to the club. The club may, at the discretion of club officers, elect to waive local dues for members who become national members of ACS. 

Article VIII. Annual Reports

The vice president of the chapter shall submit to the Advisor(s), Departmental Chair and appropriate Regional ACS officer an annual report of its activities. This report shall include a statement of meetings held, outreach activities, member attendance, speakers and a list of officers and chapter advisor(s).

Article IX. Standards for proxy votes

Proxy votes are allowed on club matters. In order for a proxy vote to be cast, the vote must be emailed to the faculty advisor(s) who will present the vote for that member to the club. In the event of a ballot or otherwise anonymous election, the vote must be cast in an anonymous manner.

Article X. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of current members that have attended at least 50% of the regular ACS meetings, provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at least one meeting prior to the time of voting. Such amendments shall conform to the regulations established for Chapter Student Affiliates by the ACS.




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