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Sorority Recruitment Rules

  • A woman is eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment if she is a matriculated student at ASU taking at least 12 semester credit hours.
  • Women holding a high school GPA of at least 2.5 may participate in recruitment. However, invitations of membership may be determined based on chapters’ individual GPA requirements
  • A recruit cannot be, nor have been, an initiated member of a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) group.
  • A student who had her pledge broken by her sorority, or who breaks her pledge to her sorority, may not be asked to join another sorority on the same campus for one calendar year from the date she was originally pledged. However, she may be re-pledged by the same sorority at any time during that calendar year.
  • A recruit signs up for Formal Recruitment and pays a registration fee as designated by ASU’s Panhellenic Council.
  • A recruit attends orientation and is encouraged to attend all parties to which she has received an invitation. In the event of illness or other emergencies, she notifies the Panhellenic Council and/or her Panhellenic recruitment guide. At the discretion of the chapter, the recruit may or may not be invited back.
  • From the beginning of orientation through the end of Formal Recruitment, no potential member may visit a sorority woman’s residence.
  • A recruit consults with her recruitment guide before withdrawing from recruitment. In the event the recruit feels that she must withdraw from recruitment, she completes and signs an official withdrawal form with her recruitment guide or at the Student Life Office.
  • A woman does not give a promise, verbal or written, to join a certain sorority before formal bids are issued through the Panhellenic Council.
  • A recruit fills out the preferential bid card immediately following the last party of preferential night. Recruits are encouraged to list on this card the names of all the sororities from which they are willing to accept a bid to membership. These names will be listed in order of preference without any outside interference.
  • The signing of the preferential bid card is final and binding. No changes may be made after it is signed.
  • Any recruit signing a preferential card, then receiving and accepting a bid at the end of recruitment, is bound by the agreement for one calendar year, if she is at the same university.
  • Refusal to accept a bid extended to a recruit by a group she has preferenced makes her ineligible to pledge any other NPC sorority at the same university for a calendar year.
  • All recruits observe silence. The purpose of silence is to provide an atmosphere whereby the recruit can make her own decisions, free from member, alumna and/or new member pressure or influence.
  • During the period of silence, no extended conversation is allowed between a recruit and any active member, alumna or pledge, except at designated recruitment parties.
  • During the designated period of silence, active members, alumnae and new members are bound by the rules of silence and are not to make phone calls, or give or send flowers, letters, notes, cards or telegrams, etc.
  • No sorority member may buy anything for a recruit (meal, soda, gifts or favors, etc.).
  • No recruit may buy anything for a sorority member.
  • Recruits must also observe rules of silence with those who are not members or new members of a sorority.
  • It is understood that recruits will be in contact with adults, independents, male acquaintances and other recruits during the period of Formal Recruitment. However, there should be no conversation concerning sororities during this time.
  • Recruits will provide their own transportation to and from recruitment events.
  • Recruits may associate with each other during the recruitment period, but should not discuss sororities with the intent of influencing other recruits. The decision to accept a sorority party invitation and/or a sorority bid is an important one, and each recruit should be accorded the privilege of determining her choice privately without the influence of other recruits.
  • Recruits who do not receive or accept any event invitations are not required to observe silence except to other recruits and sorority members.

Sorority Recruitment