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Frequently Asked Questions

  Why is leadership training important?

Research is showing that employers are looking for well-rounded employees. Enriching your extracurricular life will provide you with the essential life skills you need to perform better and collaborate with others.  

  How do I apply for your programs?

The applications can be found on the FORMS section of our website. They must be returned to the Center for Student Involvement in the basement of the University Center.

  What is the time commitment?

The amount of time you devote to leadership programs each week depends on what program you are applying for and how much you would like to get out of it. Each group, Learning Leaders and Living Leaders, meets for 2 hours each week. There will be some extra activities throughout the semester and more information will be provided upon acceptance.

  Can I put this on my résumé?

Definitely! After completing one of our training programs you should add it to your résumé.

  What is the difference between Learning Leadership and Living Leadership?

Learning Leadership is designed for first year students and focuses on fundamental leadership skills such as conflict management, assertiveness, negotiation and more. Living Leadership is a more advanced program which surveys the theories of leadership and takes you on a journey to develop your own personal style.

  What is different about the Student Organization Leadership Summit?

The Student Organization Leadership Summit is a one day training program, as opposed to our other semester-long programs. The sessions focus on topics that would be relevant to student organizations such as how to run a meeting, fundraising, and event planning. There is no application or prerequisites to attend. All you have to do is register on the FORMS section of our website.

  Can anyone attend the Launch event?

No. This event is an orientation exclusively for the students who are accepted into Learning Leadership.

  Who do I contact with other questions?

Lindsay Boynton, Coordinator for Leadership Development, is the contact. She works in the Center for Student Involvement in Room 001 of the University Center (Garden/Basement Level), and can be contacted at 325-942-2062 or


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—Louis L’Amour

contact us

Lindsay Boynton 
Center for Student Involvement
Coordinator for Leadership Development
University Center, Room 001 (Garden/Basement Level)
Phone: 325-942-2062