Our Mission:

Pro-Life Rams is an ASU organization dedicated to preserving innocent life no matter how young or old. We take a stand on abortion, in vitro fertilization, embryonic stem cells, and euthanasia. We believe life is precious and should be cherished. We believe humans do not have the right to decide when life begins or ends. We believe all innocent humans have the right to life.


Our History:

Prior to Fall 2010, the culture of life had no formal presence at Angelo State University. Therefore our founders worked diligently to establish a pro-life group which would change that. Once created, a few Angelo State students began defending innocent human life together as the one and only pro-life group of ASU, Rams4Life. Since then the group has grown and increased its presence on campus, in the San Anelo community, and in the state of Texas. However among confusion with an Alumni group, Rams4Life formally changed its name to Pro-Life Rams in Spring 2013. Today Pro-Life Rams continues to serve and educate the campus and community about protecting the innocent.