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2015 RamStar Recipients

RamStar awardees are recognized at the Staff Senate meeting following the month of their nomination.
2015 RamStar Recipients
January   Jackie Droll Information Technology 
Kevin Conner Information Technology
Jason Hord Information Technology
Amanda Ritchie Admissions
Courtney Wilson Office of the Registrar
February    Jeremy Brake Information Technology
Susan Elkins  Library
Jessica Harlin Human Resources
Sallie Word Travel Office
Don Cheek Special Events
Brittney Miller Communications & Marketing
Martha Cox Student Accounts/Bursars
March Kristi Flores Office of Admissions
Vickie Rodriguez Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Christabel Romine Admissions
Tonya Drost College of Arts & Sciences
April Sandra Covington College of Arts and Sciences
Tammy Speciale ASU Health Clinic
May Greg Schkade Facilities Management
Charles Sebesta Facilities Management
Spencer “Mike” Gustin Facilities Management
Brenda Stewart Academic Affairs
Brandon Ireton Athletics
Christena Parks Academic Affairs
Samuel Mendoza Student Life
July Lauren Moeller Office of Admissions
Daniela Gonzalez Office of Admissions
Angie Fraga HIS STEM
Farrah Lokey Scholarship Programs
Jayna Phinney Communications & Marketing
Landon Fisher Information Technology
August Tiffany Hinkley Office of Admissions
Kaylah Torres Office of Admissions
Kristi Flores Office of Admission
Melissa King Office of Admission
Olivia Castro Scholarship Programs
September Rosalinda Castro Registrar’s Office
Luann McCorkle Human Resources
Jason Brown College of Business, Accounting, Economics, and Finance
Randall Jenkins Student Affairs
Dallas Swafford Student Affairs
Amy “Kalyn” Stephens Student Affairs
October Justine Salgado Archer College of Health and Human Services
Richard Elliott Facilities Management
Tommy Adams Facilities Management
Michelle Norris Scholarship Programs
Paul Hamilton Residential Programs
Linda Boatright Student Life
William Bloom Financial Aid
November Autumn Barnes Library
Courtney Wilson Registrar’s Office
Josh Samsel Office of Development
Becky Sparks College of Graduate Studies
Julia Valles Student Accounts/Bursar’s
December Angela Skaggs Library
  Dallas Swafford Student Affairs
  Amanda Putman Library
  Margaret Alexander Library